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OMG Maria Carey is wearing a compressible garment!

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watch this:

She has been wearing it during all the concert !

incredible !

watch this:

If Maria Carey is suffering from lymphedema we are saved.

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By God she's one of us,do you know her e mail address blue?

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Bluedolffin in reply to galtyboi

haha, good one! i wish.

Her account is on facebook and twitter but i dont want to destroy her beauty by spreading those rumours. However it makes totally sense. If you look at all her videos this year, she is wearing a compressible garment on stage meaning she is really suffering from lymphedema or related disease.

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galtyboi in reply to Bluedolffin

It's nothing to be ashamed about,call me a lymphie,call me a fatso,call me what you want,I worked all my life,I retired at 50 with a pension I I I underlined paid for,with my own sweat and blood,I dont sign on ,in fact I get nothing from the state after all the tax I gave them and I want nothing from them ,im no scrounger,but I have lymphedema so what about goes on.

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Bluedolffin in reply to galtyboi

U right galtyboi ! I call u lymphie with all respect. We are part of the same club. there are no tax to pay on health unlocked. Thanks god!

Looking at it on zoom, it doesn't appear to be a compression garment, but more a fingerless glove.

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Bluedolffin in reply to Lynora

Yeah sure... Why is she wearing it on one side and at all her recent concert then.

Trust me, there is something so much more sexy than a black garment on one side only! She would not wear it on one arm and fingers !

look at this picture:

it does not seem to be a fingerless glove to me. They said that she dislocated a shoulder so why is she wearing a garment on her lower arm and not her shoulder?

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galtyboi in reply to Bluedolffin

That's a rich person's lymphie garment if ever id seen one,the ones I get for my legs are similar apart from the studs and the leather

Come join us Maria,theres a space for you at the table

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Bluedolffin in reply to galtyboi

Lol yeah u are right!

She would move things around if she was at the table!

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galtyboi in reply to Bluedolffin

She's a lymphie,otherwise she would not have it on one hand and not the other,I got the same glove for my toes.

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Bluedolffin in reply to galtyboi

I totally agree. She is

Last summer she was seen at a Hollywood event in a spray-on full length dress, and silver fingerless gloves and buttoned at the wrist. There are lots of press shots of her wearing all sorts - she wore a gold full length glove on the other arm a couple of years ago.

If she does have lymphoedema, then perhaps she should come out and declare it and be proud to support those people who only have access to the mass produced version of compression.

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Bluedolffin in reply to Lynora

Totally agree with you lynora.

well, i dont know it seems to be the right arm every time. Anyway, she has the money to go to see Campisi.

By the time people realise, she would be probably be healed!

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Rebec in reply to Bluedolffin

It can't be for lymphoedema as her sleeve covers her pinky completely and stops just a bit above her elbow, no similarity to any compression sleeve I ever wore or was shown. Also, the gloves come separately and end just below the fingers and the sleeves that continue over the hand stop just before the fingers. The singer wears a white glove maybe to look a bit like Michael Jackson.

She dislocated her shoulder and experienced some nerve damage. Sorry but I don't think she has Lymphoedema, additionally if she did her garments are totally wrong for her don't don't fit properly.

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Athinakay in reply to Kelmisty

It looks like a glorified arm sling...

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Bluedolffin in reply to Kelmisty

Yeah. How did she do? Well I dislocated my shoulder many years ago and there is nothing to need to cover. Even her behaviour shows that she is protecting her hand on many different videos. Why is she protecting her hand if her shoulder is dislocated? It does not make sense. Sorry.

There is something going on with her arm, that is for sure. In the beginning she is wearing a fingerless glove, the she puts on a white fingerless glove then a red one. Did not watch the rest. But if she was to have LE wouldn't she order a pretty one from lymphedivas or have a custom made one? Many athletes wear compression sleeves or kinesio as well.

Yes, it would great to find a celebrity to bring awareness to the cause but I am afraid most would be treating it constantly so no obvious signs and hiding it so that their movie/singing career would not be afected...

It's not a compression sleeve as it's not at all stretched over her arm. Have a look andyou can clearly see that there are plenty of folds in the material that covers her arm. The sleeve is not made from an elasticated material but all this should not stop her adding her voice to people like us. Maybe if someone can approach her and ask her for her help, then maybe she will.

No offense but with all respect; i disagree.

The fact that there are plenty of folds could be logically explained by the fact that Maria Carey is wealthy as a results, she does not need to go online shopping, she has it custom made by a personal Tailor. I was wearing this kind of long folds in satin material for my wedding with my compressible garment underneath so it is totally possible to have this kind of sleeve, especially since it seems she prefers to keep it secret .

Secondly, shoulder dislocation never affect your hand or wrist neither fingers. As Athinkay underlined, The fact that she is only wearing a red glove on her right hand proves that the fingers and right hand are affected, not the shoulder.

Thirdly, don't you think that it is weird that she never gave any details or mention how it happened?

Medias source say: " it may have been due to Mariah taking a tumble in her heels";

In such way, it is so much more rational to dislocate your ankle but very unlikely to dislocate your shoulder!

Very suspicious! her speech sounds like a beaten woman with a massive bruise on her eye and she says : I fell down the stairs!

Very strange !

the best thing would be to ask her directly indeed :-)

It got dislocated when she was recording a remix video for her song "#Beautiful" but she fell off the counter top she was filming from. She had to wear a glove and occasionally a sling for the next 2 years due to nerve damage.

I can't see why doctors in the States would give you a compression garment for your arm and fingers for a dislocated shoulder?They must know something we don't.If Mariah has lymphedema ,then we will all know in good time,if she decides to let us know about it,but until then she is quite welcome to join us at health unlocked or LSN,we will make her very welcome,and treat her with respect just like all people with lymphedema like to be treated afterall she is only human like the rest of us.

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Bluedolffin in reply to galtyboi

Well spoken. I totally agree.

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Nathant_05 in reply to galtyboi

It was because she still had nerve damage in her right hand.

If you want things to change, please sign this international petition:

To be fair I dislocated my shoulder falling in platform shoes. But then due to my heavy lymphie body I have broken a foot just walking across a road so I think all we learned here is I am a dolt.

I wish she would come out and say it was that. I always thought Martin Mcutcheon had either lymhie or lippie, if you look at her descriptions of why she put on weight it sounded awfully like it to me but she just described it in vague terms, and tbh don't we all, as no-one knows what the hell it is anyway.......

yes you are right.

Does Mariah know the song 'Welcome To My World' I wonder.

Haha not sure :-)

It is not lymphedema, in 2013 she dislocated her right arm. She had to wear a sling for a while, but once she didn't need the sling anymore, she wore the compressed gloves because she still had nerve damage.

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