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Any further news on clinics in the Central London area? Why aren't UCH or St Mary's doing something? It is a disgrace when they treat health tourists for nothing. Should I raise a petition of other sufferers. I am 81 and get no health visitor. My GP seems powerless to help me. I have bad hip and lower back arthritis so cannot exercise enough even though I try hard to keep the weight down. The left leg is more swollen and I can hear my heartbeat in my ears. My heart is obviously overworked. Nothing is being done.

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Hi warren20 - what form of lymphoedema have you got? Have you received any treatment for it so far - if so, where? Have you had a chat with the LSN via their helpline 020 7351 4480 - nearly always someone there between 10 and 3 on weekdays - they have may a list of contacts in central London.

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warren20 in reply to Lynora

Thank you very much for this info.

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warren20 in reply to Lynora

I rang the number and received very good advice and information which my GP was obviously unaware of. I can now go ahead and try and get some help for which I am very grateful.

St George's in Tooting is your best bet. Ask to be referred to Prof Mortimor's team

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warren20 in reply to syrup01

Thank you for this info.

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Professor Mortimer is brilliant! I saw him at The Royal Marsden Hospital at his Lymphoedema clinic in Sutton. I see a local Lymphoedema nurse in Brighton as part of NHS funding, following treatment for breast cancer. My GP referred me to Professor Mortimer.

Under what circumstances do UCH and St. Mary"s treat ' health tourists for nothing?

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I was a patient in one of these hospitals last November, and the woman in the next bed was definitely NOT eligible for the treatment she was receiving for free.

It is obvious from the waiting rooms which I have been in several times recently - not about lympho but uterus exams. This is no criticism of St. Mary's - just the Govts who allow health tourism and don't bring in proper laws to control such things.

The Lymphoedema clinic at the Royal Marsden in South Kensington is pretty good both in terms of practical advice and help.

On a different note I always thought that Health Tourism was directed towards foreign countries (Austria, Germany, Cuba, US, Italy in the case of Lymohoedema and many Eastern European Countries).

I live in Central London too, and it is a disgrace the way we are treated. I was under Prof. Mortimer, and his clinic, but could only advise stockings. They put on a pair for me, but had never thought I wouldn't be able to get them off as I have had Polio and no strength in arms. Had to cut them off - what a waste! Eventually ended up at Guys, where one of the nurses was trained in Hungary; they seem to look after Lymphoedema much better abroad, but she told me that as I had limited strength in my arms I would never be able to put on stockings. Finally LSN were marvellous, and gave me name of MLD therapist, and I pay to see her every month. NHS will pay for stockings, which I can't use, but won't pay for MLD which is only thing that keeps swelling under control. YES, if anyone gets up a petition I will gladly sign. And yes, as a journalist I have investigated 'health tourism'. When I followed one, being treated at Chelsea and Westminster and never once asked to pay, I was told by hospital that A & E rceptionists were "too busy" to ask for payment!!!

Well done! YES - I will join you in any campaign, because we need to get more funding to improve NHS. There are two ways - either we pay for more NHS services, or out National Insurance payments increase. I keep on banging the drum about this on

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