Any further news on clinics in the Central London area? Why aren't UCH or St Mary's doing something? It is a disgrace when they treat health tourists for nothing. Should I raise a petition of other sufferers. I am 81 and get no health visitor. My GP seems powerless to help me. I have bad hip and lower back arthritis so cannot exercise enough even though I try hard to keep the weight down. The left leg is more swollen and I can hear my heartbeat in my ears. My heart is obviously overworked. Nothing is being done.

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  • Hi warren20 - what form of lymphoedema have you got? Have you received any treatment for it so far - if so, where? Have you had a chat with the LSN via their helpline 020 7351 4480 - nearly always someone there between 10 and 3 on weekdays - they have may a list of contacts in central London.

  • Thank you very much for this info.

  • I rang the number and received very good advice and information which my GP was obviously unaware of. I can now go ahead and try and get some help for which I am very grateful.

  • St George's in Tooting is your best bet. Ask to be referred to Prof Mortimor's team

  • Thank you for this info.

  • Professor Mortimer is brilliant! I saw him at The Royal Marsden Hospital at his Lymphoedema clinic in Sutton. I see a local Lymphoedema nurse in Brighton as part of NHS funding, following treatment for breast cancer. My GP referred me to Professor Mortimer.

  • Under what circumstances do UCH and St. Mary"s treat ' health tourists for nothing?

  • I was a patient in one of these hospitals last November, and the woman in the next bed was definitely NOT eligible for the treatment she was receiving for free.

  • It is obvious from the waiting rooms which I have been in several times recently - not about lympho but uterus exams. This is no criticism of St. Mary's - just the Govts who allow health tourism and don't bring in proper laws to control such things.

  • The Lymphoedema clinic at the Royal Marsden in South Kensington is pretty good both in terms of practical advice and help.

  • On a different note I always thought that Health Tourism was directed towards foreign countries (Austria, Germany, Cuba, US, Italy in the case of Lymohoedema and many Eastern European Countries).

  • I live in Central London too, and it is a disgrace the way we are treated. I was under Prof. Mortimer, and his clinic, but could only advise stockings. They put on a pair for me, but had never thought I wouldn't be able to get them off as I have had Polio and no strength in arms. Had to cut them off - what a waste! Eventually ended up at Guys, where one of the nurses was trained in Hungary; they seem to look after Lymphoedema much better abroad, but she told me that as I had limited strength in my arms I would never be able to put on stockings. Finally LSN were marvellous, and gave me name of MLD therapist, and I pay to see her every month. NHS will pay for stockings, which I can't use, but won't pay for MLD which is only thing that keeps swelling under control. YES, if anyone gets up a petition I will gladly sign. And yes, as a journalist I have investigated 'health tourism'. When I followed one, being treated at Chelsea and Westminster and never once asked to pay, I was told by hospital that A & E rceptionists were "too busy" to ask for payment!!!

  • Well done! YES - I will join you in any campaign, because we need to get more funding to improve NHS. There are two ways - either we pay for more NHS services, or out National Insurance payments increase. I keep on banging the drum about this on

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