Recommendation for lymphodemia diagnosis in Central or north London??

I have suffered some serious injuries to my right leg and ankle following a bad car accident a few years ago. German doctors I recently met are sure that I have lymphodemia which I need to have diagnosed. Can anyone explain the quickest route to get this done. I am in North London . I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you

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Hi bwatt,

I saw a surgeon, a vascular specialist who diagnosed mine. Have you started any treatment yet?




I have not started on any treatment. I have a badly swollen and oddly shaped ankle now. The German Doctors I met have both an expertise, interest and understanding of lymphodoemia and they are sure I have this. I met them socially whilst travelling. So I now need the best way forward on how to get a diagnosis and treatment in UK


St George's hospital Tooting is home of professor Mortimer and his team of expert staff, would suggest a referral there from your doctor to get a confirmed diagnosis and plan of treatment for the future.

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Hi. Squinny is right - Prof Mortimer is one of the biggest names in lymphoedema. To be seen by his team you will need to be referred by another consultant physician. Your GP can't refer directly. Good luck!


I suggest you look up the Lymphoedema Support Network website and then contact them. They have information on lymphoedema services.

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It's no big deal to diagnose. You

don't need to see a professor.

The doctor needs to refer you to

any hospital which has a 'department of nuclear medicine'

It's a safe well documented procedure where a small amount of radioactive dye is injected.

You lie still and the length of time

this takes to circulate is measured. They can see which leg has a lymph blockage by

comparing the circulation times.

It's called ( not sure of spelling - sorry)

Lynphoscintigraphy. I saw a

vascular specialist referred by

NHS. Only a specialist can refer

you for this test. I didn't wait long.

You could wait ages for a professor, it's not needed.

Once you have the diagnosis any

local NHS lymphodema services

on the NHS are open to you. This

professor costs approx £300 per

half hour privately and in my opinion couldn't diagnose without

a test.



St Georges is a centre of might still be possible for you to ask for a private appt to see Proff M via your GP but he is a very busy man and there will be a long wait if I am right. Otherwise yes you need a Consultant to refer you as written above.Wishing you all the best..


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