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Pressure Stocings

I first contracted cellulitus way back in 2001 which was my last visit to stay with friends in Malawi who I used to visit every year in December/ January time. It was then that my left leg was infected resulting in cellulitus which eventually developed in to Lymphodoema in both legs. Unfortunately there is no Lympho' clinic near my home in Wokingham, Berks UK. I had no adequate treatment for this condition until I was referred to a specialist nurse at my local GP practice. In 2013 both my legs were cleaned and tightly bandaged twice a week for the next 10 weeks and amazingly this stopped any further lymph leakage, followed by prescribed pressure stockings continuously with Dermol Cream against the skin. No further treatment was required for about a year after that. My leg swelling was reduced although my ankles were swollen requiring me to wear size 12 shoes over my size 9 feet !

The process was repeated by my same nurse again in 2013 and this further treatment lasted again until recently when my same nurse is now carrying out this same procedure again with the addition of a satisfactory Doppler Test. After only 2 weeks of this repeated treatment my legs are responding well.

I hope that readers of this will find it of interest.

Regards, "Red House"

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I'm so glad the treatment you received was and is successful. Good luck, Redhouse, in the future too.


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