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A year has past of triple bandaging and farrow wrapping and all was going well

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until maybe three weeks ago now with dismay I find both legs have exploded into swellings from thigh to toe so larger and higher than before. The doctor has referred me for triples again and other helpful things. I find it so sad that after a year bringing them down they inflate like balloons without me knowing. Sorry I guess I am fed up with this situation...........Okay enough of that time to grasp the bull by the horns and come out fighting (again)

Happy New year xgins

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I hope something good happens for you soon. I am finding myself in a similar situation as soon as we try garments instead of 24/7 faerie wraps and its bloody hot here in australia and some days I want to find a rock to crawl under and hide. I'll make room under my rock if ud like to hide too -u lol!

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Thanks for the offer yes it would be grand I will bring lashings of lemonade! xgins

Hi Wendy I wish you all the best with your wraps for 2014 I hope you manage something - perhaps we should invent wraps with cooling agent in them so are legs font get over hot and swell. (Shrugs) Dont know the answer good luck with finding that rock !! :) xgins

I understand how you feel completely. I had quite a reduced lymphoedema in my arm, when I woke up one day with the lower part of my arm hard and enlarged and now my hand doesn't look good either. I have the feeling that the situation worsened, in my case because I started massaging my arm in the swimming pool and I might have infected it (I was told to take antibiotics too as there were some pink patches and part of the arm felt warm). When I mentioned to the lymphoedema nurse, she dismissed it but for the time being, I am left waiting for the MLD to start at the beginning of next month unless I decide to spend £50 (!) per session until then. Now swimming doesn't seem to make any difference. So let's hope, this accumulation of fluid will miraculously subside as it appeared, all of a sudden!

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lovesradio in reply to Rebec

Hi Rebec let the swimming pool know about the possible infection as it may be the levels of purification they had was wrong and that could affect other people too. I swim a lot and think it helps but also get odd and inexplicable changes in my arm

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Rebec in reply to lovesradio

Thanks for your advice. Thankfully, the swimming pool I go to is checked regularly but by massaging my arm, I musthave pushed impurities into my sensitive skin. Now, from yesterday, I can't go swimming as I burnt my thumb on my bad hand, sohave to keep it dry and covered with some special stuff a nurse put on. This lymphoedema is like a life-long curse that nobody talks about when they mention cancer!

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You're not kidding! Its just so typical that it's our bad hand that gets burnt, skinned, scraped, bit of nail pulled off etc etc

Vexed for you, one thing after another

I am sending a virtual hug to you!

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Rebec in reply to Christina38

Don't quite know who you're sending the virtual hug to, but I thank you for it anyway as I think it might be meant for me?!

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Christina38 in reply to Rebec

Rebec, you definitely deserve a virtual hug. Everybody with lymphoedema is deserving of a virtual hug.

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Rebec in reply to Christina38

Bless you, Christina, and a very Happy New Year. Maybe we can all together find a way in being able to control our individual lymphoedema without going to so much trouble, without the need of antibiotics, without the need of the special 'armour' for our arms and legs.

Maybe 2014 will be the year!

So sorry to hear this :-( hope the bandaging works better next time. It is really hard on your confidence, hope you have lots of people supporting you. Take care and good luck x

Thank you so much should start next week- just hope it takes it down : D xgins

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