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Concerns about low blood pressure

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I have been diagnosed with Chronic venous insufficiency. I have been prescribed furosomide (water tablets) and compression stockings. Every time I eat a meal at lunchtime consisting of carbohydrate I feel very ill and drowsy. I also get it in hot weather. I get it during stressfull periods ie dentists. My doctor has told me to elevate my legs after every meal, sometimes I invert them up a wall, this helps quite significantly. Doctors do not seem to be investigating my condition at all and put it all down to obesity, but I live on a low GI diet. I cannot stand for long, cannot walk, sit or carry on with a quality of life that I once had. Once when I had surgery the surgeon said my blood pressure dropped quite a lot. I am wondering if this is what is happening to me now. My mothers family all had Chronic venous insufficiency too. Can anyone offer any advice for making doctors listen please.

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it might be a good idea to try the lynpha press or phlebo press dvt compression pump which are excellent for treating venous insufficiency. I am not a doctor but can't understand why they prescribe diuretics although I have come across it before. if you require more information on compression therapy for treating venous insufficiency look at the following websites: and

If you are worried about blood pressure get yourself a blood pressure monitor and take your blood pressure when the episodes come on.

That way you have the information to go to your doctor with.

You will find the Hallelujah Acres enormousl helpfull. Exercise is ESSENTIAL to get the lymph moving

If the extreme elevation of your legs helps, ask to be fitted with thigh high stockings. This will ensure as much blood as possible is being pushed back up the legs all the time.

If you can take your blood pressure on a regular basis and keep a record you can take this to your doctors. If you have a smart phone there are several good apps that will record this for you. I have an app that records my sugar levels and blood pressure and my doctor does look at them.

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