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German treatment of lymphoedema.

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Do you know anything about german treatment? If you do, do you prefer still italian ( I belive it's english also) rather than german?

All I know about it is that in Germany and Sweden, I guess, they prefer hard compression therapy, lymphatic drainage and at the end pneumatic massage. After this treatment they measure circuts of sick limb and order appropriate copression clothing. And they do the same again and again untill best results (they never happen- it's incurable...). They prefer not do any operation etc.

Italian treatment is the opposite. They do as soon as possible the supermicrosurgery and they prefer pneumatic massage with high compression clothing.

I still don't know what is more appropriate with lymphoedemia, but I've already had the operation in Genua done by prof. Campisi.

What is your opinion?

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Was your operation successful with Prof Campisi? i use pneumatic compression along with MLD and find it very effective. Unfortunately in the UK we seem to be lagging behind in regularity of treatment.

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I can only speak from experience. My son lives in Berlin and when I go to visit I have MLD. The Physio is amazed that I don't have it in UK. Having had Breast cancer I would be entitled to it over there. ( the Dr would give me a prescription for 30 sessions at a time) All the clinics offer it,- my son makes me an appointment before I go. No waiting and I pay around €20.

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THE german style of treatment is offered in the lymphoedema clinic in Adelaide/I hadexcellent results with it. I went foe one hour every day five days a week for four weeks. treatment could have continued for as long as I wanted but I couldn'tafford longer/ My whole leg from top to ankle was the same size it was HUGE. At the end of that one month my right leg ended up only half an inch bgger round the anle than the left. It was VERY dramatic. I wish I could go to the Charite Hospital in Germany

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I am about to get the LVA operation with Campisi in Genoa and it is the first time I make my mind for something other than MLD treatment. I can't unfortunately answer your question yet but may i ask you if the operation was successful for you. Are you still wearing your garment? did you manage to get it covered by your health public or private insurance? you would be so kind to respond to my questions cause I am anxious to proceed but we do not have many alternatives, dont we? If it was not successful, would you consider going for a lymph node transplant?

thanks foryour help

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I can't really say if the surgery was succesful. I started to take care of my lymphedeme more, do more sports, lost some weight. I can send you photos of my legs some time before and after the suregery.

You're right, we have no other alternatives, you have to try! :) I have seen really amazing results in prof.Campisi clinic, some of his patiens looks perfect. You have to know that this surgery doesn't change anything connected with stocking we have to wear. Prof.Campisi even recomended to wear 3+4 compression class, what was horrible. I wasn't able to bear this pressure.

Yes, fortunately I managed to get it covered by my health public, I was third from my country.

If you mail me, , I'll send you those photos.

Best wishes!

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thanks Aleksleg for your answer, my email is Nice pic on the train! yeah i know what you mean. On the bright side, we are becoming so health freak, right? It is the same for me. I have never been as healthy and sporty as i am right now. That is a real disability which needs to be recognized ! I hoping my health care will accept to help me cause my hopes will fall down to the ground. I can t afford to pay by myself. Thanks for your recommendation. I feel i can trust Dr Campisi. Hopefully they might find a medecine in a near release us from this burden. Apparently they are researching on a Grow factor.

All the best for you. Let's keep the hopes.

3 plus 4 compression haha one man show :D

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