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LVA Lymphoedema treatment abroad through NHS

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Has anyone had any luck being approved fir an LVA treatment abroad on secondary Lymphoedema? I’m putting together an application for the treatment in Italy where it’s free under the local national health service.

My GP is helping a lot but I need a letter that can support my application and struggling a bit finding someone.

Thank you!


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Unless you reside in Italy health care isn’t free and it’s my understanding that LVA surgery isn’t free in Italy. to residents.

There are surgeons (including Oxford professors) that undertake LVA in England so it would probably make sense to explore funding for LVA here instead of Italy, the cost would probably be lower.

LVA is expensive full stop as it’s considered specialist and experimental surgery, there have been few clinical trials. Anecdotal data gives a very mixed picture

LVA in England is available at

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multimarcus in reply to CCT67

Thank you for replying. LVA is free in Italy for residents (either Italian or foreigners who reside there). It is performed at the Centre for Lymphoedema at the Policlinico Gemelli in Rome Italy since 2016. Price wise (if one were to opt for the private route) is approx £2000 cheaper (give or take) in Italy than it is in Oxford. However one needs to factor in cost of travel etc. Thank you for the link 🙂

May I ask where in Italy? I’ve also inquired and been quoted an absurd price, far more expensive then Oxford.

There is a new-ish centre for the treatment of Lymphoedema based at the policlinico A.Gemelli in Rome. There is also another centre in Genova with Prof Campisi.

Can I ask you what's documents do you need to approve your application and what kind of application is this? Where do you need to send this application? I am thinking about surgery in Poland and wonder if he could cover the cost. Thank you do much

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AnneBury in reply to Marjol80

I believe it is extremely unlikely that the NHS would fund LVA abroad.

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multimarcus in reply to AnneBury

Hi, thank you for replying! May I ask if you had any personal experience with that?

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AnneBury in reply to multimarcus

No personal experience. LVA won't work for me - as for many lymphoedema patients. I do have lots of contacts with lymphoedema, though, and have not heard of anyone getting NHS funding for LVA abroad. Things can change, though. I am always concerned about people having their expectations raised.

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multimarcus in reply to AnneBury

Thank you! You raised a very good point about having expectations. Hopefully something else will come up soon and be made available to all of us. It’s so needed and there are so many of us waiting...

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multimarcus in reply to Marjol80

Hi! Thank you for replying. You might want to speak to your GP about it, mine is looking after the application, I don’t know all the details. However, you might want to check on the NHS website at good luck with your operation. I didn’t know they also do it in Poland.

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Marjol80 in reply to multimarcus

Hi, thank you for info. Yes in Poland in city of Wrocław as is Prof Szuba. The cost of operation would be much less then in UK due to different value of currency. But I am planning to have all necessary examinations, ex ECG in Oxford clinic x

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multimarcus in reply to Marjol80

Super! Thank you for letting me know. It’s wonderful to hear that there is someone in Wroclaw, such a lovely place. Will surely keep an eye on it. Good luck with your operation!

Please bear in mind that it's not suitable for all.

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multimarcus in reply to Strat

Thank you, sadly I know that

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Strat in reply to multimarcus

I'm sorry

I've looked into LVA and VLNT at the OLP. Unfortunately I was considered not suitable for either surgery. I did learn that expert aftercare is important following surgery - just something to be aware of.

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