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Eosinophilic Asthma

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Hello Everyone, I am excited about this new group of fellow asthma sufferers! I live in the suburbs of Chicago. I was diagnosed with asthma in my late forties. It progressed from exercise induced asthma to border line COPD. I never smoked a cigarette, but grew up in a family of smokers. For years my asthma was never in good control and I was in and out of the ER and hospital and taking prednisone and different inhalers. I also suffered with many sinus infections. Finally my doctor did a simple blood test to check my eosinophil count and it came back very high. This causes inflammation in the lungs. I have now been diagnosed with Eosinophilic Asthma. I go once a month for a biological shot called Nucala. This has helped me immensely! I also take Breo inhaler. Nucala injections are very costly but I am fortunate that Medicare and my supplement Plan G cover the cost. Thank you for letting me share my story!

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So glad you are here and thank you for sharing your story!


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PutnamAsthma Captain

Would you tell me how high your ensophil count was? I think I want to go this route.

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Shortobreath in reply to Putnam

Hello, My eosinophil count was at 525. Normally, it should be under 100. Anything over 300 qualifies you for the biological shots such as Nucala which I take. Hope this helps you.

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PutnamAsthma Captain in reply to Shortobreath

It does help.. Thanks. Kevin

How long did it take before you knew the Nucala was working?

Do you have things under control with inhalers?

I receive a Nucala shot once a month. I did not feel a difference in my breathing until after my 2nd injection. I also use an inhaler called Breo daily. Right now my asthma is under control for the most part. I also have a lung condition called Bronchiestasis which causes my bronchial tubes to stayed clogged up with mucus. This causes me to cough a lot so it is hard to tell if my asthma is truly under control.

I'm glad you have something that works. I just started taking Nucala too and notice a huge difference in my asthma control.

I have all the symptoms of e asthma but my numbers are not high...so my adthma copd is not well controlled at all

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I’m jealous! I have Medicare only and Nicklaus/ Xolair are completely out of my reach. I’ve been hospitalized 23 times in the past three 1/2 years I’ve been diagnosed. I’m 72.

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d2read in reply to Hidden

I'm sorry I didn't see your post earlier. Are you aware of the assistance programs the pharmaceutical companies have to cover the costs for those who need the medication and cannot afford it? Your doctor will need to apply for you, but it's not difficult. The hardest part is telling your doctor that you need the help.

Do it! You are worth it. I've been on Fasenra for three years (my eos levels ran in the 1500 range for many years, and Nucala didn't work for me). After the very first shot, my eos level dropped to zero and it has stayed there the entire three years.

It's not a cure. You can't go on and off biologics like some people do TUMS. They are serious drugs, with serious -- potentially life-threatening -- complications or reactions. But for those of us with HES (hypereosinophilic syndrome -- what I have) or other forms of eosinophilia and its complications, it is a risk worth taking.

Good luck!

I received my second shot of Nucala 6 days ago. No difference in my breathing yet. I have severe chronic asthma, COPD, Common Variable Immunodeficiency and a few other things. I take Breo Ellipta, Spiriva Respimat, ProAir Inhaler, Daliresp, Theophylline, Singulair, Methylprednisolone, and IVIG Gammagard every 3 weeks. Still not under control.

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Shortobreath in reply to Neat-Ni

Do not lose hope in Nucala yet! I heard that it sometimes may take up to 6 injections before your body adapts and starts to feel a change. I hope that you will get some relief very soon!

Hi Shortobreath. My asthma took a turn for the worst a year ago. I started getting extreme short of breath . Would become short of breath walking a short distance. Always had allergies and sinus problems. But only diagnosed with asthma in my late fifties. I went to an allergist and asthma specialist. . I went through allergy testing and he also did a blood test. I have extreme inflammation in my lungs. Prescribed me Breo inhaler and Nucula. I'm very sensitive to medicine. Have you had any side effects from Nucula?

Hello LadyDi24! From your symptoms and asthma history, it sounds like you are a good candidate for Nucala. I do hope that you will find relief with this medication! The only side effect that I have experienced with Nucala is a headache which only lasts one day and is not so bad that I can't function. More of an annoyance. Good luck to you!

Just realized that this is a really old post. I also have E Asthma. I have been on Fasenra for a couple of years now, with little results. I am in the process of switching to Dupexant. Anyways I am glad that this post showed up in my feed.

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Quackll in reply to Thebird

Hello, I also have e-asthma but I have been on Nucala for several years. I was having some flairs & my doctor discussed possibly switching to Dupexant. I asked her the differences and she answered they worked the same but had a few different medicines. It will probably take about three months before you will be able to feel it working. I hope it works for you and you get to feeling better soon! Don’t lose faith your doctor will find the right combination of medications for you.

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Thebird in reply to Quackll

Thanks so much!!

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