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Hello all, I was diagnosed last year at age 63, with adult onset asthma. It has been quite a journey and some very scary times. My asthma or wheezing generally starts at night. It wakes me and is difficult to get my air. I am on two inhalers for long term management and one emergency inhaler. I also use a nebulizer when necessary.

I was wondering if there are any who have an emergency kit individualized for your personal needs, ie, emergency inhalers, nebulizer, etc. I keep Benadryl, I also have a histamine release before the attack actually starts.

Thank you in advance!

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PutnamAsthma Captain

Strong coffee is good .

kdr112 in reply to Putnam

Do you drink coffee to decrease the wheezing?

PutnamAsthma Captain in reply to kdr112

I do and , of course, in the morning. It seems to ope me up. I have had asthma all my life, 66 years. I have tried everything. Now on pro air, advair, and singulair.

I am on Incruse, Breo and ventolin. I also take nebulizer albuterol as needed. It's just hard to control!


I think the biggest thing you need is to carry around your quick-relief ("rescue") inhaler everywhere you go, should symptoms emerge. And then also have a cellphone for 911. You can look into buying a portable nebulizer as well, they are designed for travel.

Hi Gary do you need a prescription for a portable nebulizer?

VincentW in reply to Nanie1

Yes. The administrator is correct 100%.

Thanks, Gary! I had an acute exacerbation this weekend and ended up in an emergent care clinic. I was given an injection of 80mg Medrol and sent home on 40 mg Prednisone for 5 days then 20mg for 5 days.

I'm so new to this I just don't know what to expect and when to do what. I'm not sure of my triggers but know stress is a big one.

Does anyone keep a steroid pack available for an emergency or use an epipen? I'm just trying to get this all figured out!

Thank you!

GaryRFitzgeraldAdministrator in reply to kdr112

Take care of yourself, and work with a primary care doc or allergist to find out your triggers. Stress is one of the more underreported asthma triggers, in my opinion.

As for epi, it's not considered a treatment for asthma anymore. A quick-relief inhaler or nebulizer is usually recommended as treatment, but talk with your doctor first.

MahodAsthma Captain in reply to GaryRFitzgerald

Hi Gary, I am new to this forum and asthma. Diagnosed with Primary Immune deficiency 18 months ago while in hospital for pneumonia. Fast forward. On ivig replacement therapy. Repeated infections have led to asthma, COPD and mild bronchiectasis. Trying to learn more about asthma to help myself. Learn triggers, etc. Now on nebulizer twice a day. Budesonide and perforomist. Atrovent neb. as needed. Rescue inhaler when out. Singular and prophylactic azithromycin 3 x week. This new plan after recent bout of pneumonia. Search for some education and better understanding. Found this site and your response about stress as trigger. So true.

Looking for more about asthma. I don't get wheezing. My chest tightens difficult to talk. Use breathing techniques and relaxation. Am told to learn my triggers and new normal. How??

Nanie1 in reply to kdr112

Hi kdr112 does the prednisone make your chest feel like heart palpitations ? Just feels weird to me it's scary. It makes me anxieties .

kdr112 in reply to Nanie1

Yes it does palpate! Seems it is worse at night or at least that's when I notice it most. It usually lasts about 15-20 minutes then subsides.

HikesWithDogs in reply to kdr112

Hi there, Yes, I do have an Epi Pen and it makes me feel safe. I have not had to use it but it was prescribed for me and a dose was given to me after my last allergy test when my throat started to close. I have had asthma for 45 years. The long activing inhalers have been my best friend for the last 19 years getting asthma so well controlled I didn’t even know I had it until I climbed a hill or tried to run. Taking the rescue inhaler everywhere with you is key and should keep you safe. I asked my doctor about prescribing me prednisone and she said that would only be good to take if I felt bronchitis coming on which I haven’t had in 19 years so she didn’t prescribe it. A nebulizer would be excellent choice for keeping you safe and rescuing you if you have taken all your meds and still can’t breath and then of course getting an Epi pen. Hope you have a good day!

Gary, I do believe the last exacerbation I had was due to stress! Thank you so much for your advice and your support. With each attack I feel better prepared for the next one.

I have my quick inhaler with me at all time!


campisaAsthma Captain

Since you say your symptoms get worst at night. I wonder if you have a mattress and pillow cover. Some people are allergic to dust mite that cause asthma flare ups. These are smaller than bed bugs and cannot be seen by the naked eye. I also wonder if you have a pet, if you do, do not

let them sleep in your room or on your bed. In case you have pests, it is also important to get rid of them they cause flare ups. Check your bedroom for any mole that may present on the walls, in case try to see why your asthma flares up after you sleep. Check to see if somebody next door is a smoker or somebody below your apt. It sounds like you may have some home asthma triggers that need to be reduce or removed.

CarakraftAdministrator in reply to campisa

All great suggestions!

Some very good suggestions! I have a new mattress but will definitely get a pillow and mattress pad. There are no smokers around me but smoke is definitely a trigger. I have had my house checked for mold and am all clear. I also bought a new hepa filter which is very helpful for smells, scents, etc.

I am presently sitting in the infusion clinic where I am taking my first NUCALA injection.

Thinking positively!

campisaAsthma Captain in reply to kdr112

All the best for healing. Great that you are being proactive and taking care of you!


Thank you so much for sharing!

It’s so great that you are Thinking Positive!

Hi kdr122,

I too carry an emergency kit and combat asthma that’s worse at night. I’ve have very severe asthma that kept me up almost every night. What really helped me on top of my medications and avoiding Triggers was getting an adjustable bed so that I could elevate my head while I slept. I bought one online from Walmart. walmart.com/ip/Pragmatic-14...

In my emergency kit I have a small portable nebulize that works very well, my rescue inhaler, albuterol nebulizer solution and racemic epinephetine nebulize solution, my epi pen, prednisone, and Benadryl. amazon.com/dp/B07B47NQG2/re...

Hello AsthmaBreath! I have all of the same in my kit except for the racemic epinephetine nebulize solution. Tell me more about this solution please. Kathy

AsthmaBreath in reply to kdr112

Hi Kathy,

This is an over the counter medication that my doctor instructed me to take. It’s epinepherine.

I use it in my portable nebulizer along with my albuterol. If your albuterol is not working, then you can ask your doctor if another medication, prescription or over the counter might help.

This medication was interesting to me because a lot of doctors don’t know it’s out there and available to patients outside the hospital much less over the counter. It really helped me and has kept me out of the ER many times by being able to use it early when I feel my first symptoms per my Dr’s instructions.

kdr112 in reply to AsthmaBreath

Thank you for the info! I will ask my doctor about it. Happy Holidays

AsthmaBreath in reply to kdr112

Happy holidays! Stay safe.

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