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Back pain and pain when swallowing

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So for the last three days I’ve been having a sharp pain in my upper back when I swallow liquids.

It now also hurts when I move.

The pain is around my left shoulder blade and toward my spine. Does anyone know what this could be or ever had this?

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Hello :-)

I have had all sorts of weird and wonderful things over the years I am not sure as yet and I say as yet I have had this one but so many times when I have had things I go into instant panic and it ends up been nothing

The best thing I would do is have a word with my Doctor and let them reassure you :-)

Let us know how you get on :-) x

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Jayde_96 in reply to BeKind28

Hi thank you for replying🥰 honestly this is me I worry over every thing specially when it doesn’t go away I will instantly assume it’s serious! I think I may call the drs today and see what they say ... thank you xx

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BeKind28 in reply to Jayde_96

Hello :-)

Sounds like Health Anxiety which I have but I think asking your Doctor who no doubt will come up with a simple explanation will give you that peace of mind which I know means so much to us ...Give them a ring you will be ok :-) x

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