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Tremors and buzzing



I have recently had a major operation (Dec 2020) It was deemed a success but I am still waiting test results. My problem started just a couple of days after the operation to remove the tumour.

My body has a tremor (can’t be seen by anyone else), usually in the legs and arms.

I also awake in the early hours and my body is ‘buzzing’ my heart racing and strange tingling throughout my torso.

I have been anxious regarding biopsy results and sometimes get a surge of adrenaline through my body.

Any help or advice would be welcome.

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I have the same, didn't have an operation though. Which body part did they operate on?

Timbo60 in reply to BuzzBee49

They removed a Thymoma (and the redundant thymus gland).

6 keyhole surgery over 7 hours.

Dr put me on Atenolol but that makes my heart feel weird at 3am

BuzzBee49 in reply to Timbo60

That's quite a big procedure, I hope you are recovering well, apart from the buzzing and tremors. Could it be that they are a side effect of the Atenolol? Or did you start taking them after you developed tremors and buzzing?

Timbo60 in reply to BuzzBee49

The tremors started soon after the operation (4 weeks ago today). My blood pressure also increased so the Doctor gave me Atenolol, this helps initial blood pressure to drop but it creeps back up, and the anxiety then also creeps back up and induces the buzzing and tremor through the night.I will call my GP today to tell them of the reaction.

Maybe I need to treat the anxiety rather than the symptoms of the anxiety.

When I used the ‘Calm’ app and relaxed in the night, my symptoms reduced but returned while I slept.

Thanks for your interest.

BuzzBee49 in reply to Timbo60

Treating the root cause is a good plan I think, wish you good luck Timbo.

Timbo60 in reply to BuzzBee49

I think you are right, my Doctor says to stick with the Atenolol for a few weeks ( I’ve only been on it a week), he has also booked me in for an ECG but I guess it’s the root cause of my anxiety that needs addressing.

Thanks for your help.

No operation but for 14 months I get a hidden type of tremor through the night once asleep. Very similar in that I wake up with a buzzing feeling throughout torso and or arms legs. A recent check with a Haemotologist did reasssure that it could be consistent with APS. Have tried everything with diet changes to see what may be possibly impacting but yet to pinpoint anything. All the best.

Timbo60 in reply to Shane_KTM

Thanks Shane,

My blood pressure is very high (possibly caused by anxiety?)

As my wife says.. I need to take a chill pill!!

I will look into this further as it is bizarre and unsettling ( but probably more common than we think).

Thanks again.

Something that may help you is inositol Biovea is the best brand you have to buy it online Inositol may help because thymona is to do with nurological muscular issues

Inositol is safe and I highly recommend that you try it

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