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Hi, first post I’ve ever made. I’ve been going through so much with my Heath anxiety. I’ve seen two doctors as well as went to A&E and everyone said that I was health but I can’t stop worrying about the what if’s. It’s literally taken over my life I can’t work, I can’t eat, sleep, or even get out of bed. Please tell me it gets better.

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Go for a walk or do some light exercise. Building your physical tolerance and confidence gradually. You will realize that your are just fine. A step a time.

Hey 218 - welcome to our big club -and it does get better mate. The "help" you have recieved thus far is not typical of what you will encounter. If your GP cant help you onto a Mental Health Plan, then change GPs immediately. With a plan you then get specific help for your issue. There are many help forums available and they will all point you in the right direction. (Lifeline etc, etc) Do you have family support ? You have just taken a big step pal and you are officially on the road to a better place. Please let us know how you are getting on - good luck.

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They make me feel bad for making calls and trips to the doctor. At one point my doctor told me it was getting “excessive” and I hadn’t seen her in over a month. I do have tons of family support as anxiety runs in my family. I’m doing better but still have days I can’t do nothing but lay in bed and think of what it’s. I’ve been having a consistent eye twitch so I go to the eye doctor in the morning.


Hello :-)

It is the worst thing when you suffer with HA but focus on all those tests you have done and they have come back ok :-)

Make a list of everything you think you have ever had and how many you have actually had on that list so you can see this is the mind playing tricks and not actually reality

I have had HA all my life and now after years of worrying I have gone and had a heart attack and I can tell you I wish I had dealt with my HA years ago as I am now so not coping my tests results are not ok and I wish they were like yours and were :-)

Look into therapy , talk with your Doctor get that control back so you do not waste years like I did as looking back it has all been a waste , easier said than done I know but can be done and you will :-)

Take Care x

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It’s so hard. You think of the what if’s and if they missed something. It’s a never ending cycle. I hope you’re better. Take care

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Hello :-)I know how hard it is but please try and get some help for your anxiety because now when like me things are going wrong you will look back and wished you had

Yes it is hard but with support it can get better :-) x

Have you seen or considered seeing a therapist and or psychiatrist? I have suffered since a child with anxiety ocd depression bipolar and seen therapists off and on, meds off and on since 15 years old and now for the first time I can tell I’m doing better and healing... be gentle with yourself ... you’ll get there... btw my psychiatrist prescribed a med to help me sleep ... I wonder if one could help you... of course only if you feel you really need it .

I have I just don’t have the money right now and few metal health centers take my medical card. I’m trying to stay off meds to start a family soon.

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