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Anxiety pains


Hi for over a month now I have had chest pains arms pains & heart palpitations they are scary to the point a can’t sleep at night! My heart rate was 155 then went back down it scared the hell out of me could this be with stress and anxiety??? A can’t stop the worrying I have a fear that I will just drop down dead ☹️ it’s making me so ill.

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Hello :-)

I had a heart attack a few weeks ago , until it actually happened I never had pain in my chest or my arms and even when I had the heart attack I did not get palpitations

I am not a Doctor but I doubt it is a heart attack it would have no doubt happened before now but it could be worth just been checked out so you have reassurance nothing is sinister and it is your anxiety causing these symptoms

Take Care x

I too have palpitations. Think I am noticing them more because stuck at home as hubby had a second heart attack 6 weeks after having one 20 months previous. Sure it is caused by all the anxiety

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