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This feeling is a royal pain!

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I posted, then lost it. Long story short...

In mid-Sept, I started going through a lot of high stress changes all at once. I was changing jobs, my mother went into assisted living and we went through and dismantled 60 years of my parents lives in a couple of weeks. I made 4 trips in 4 weeks, coming home to work a few days and leave again, and my daughter got engaged (I don’t count this as stress, but it was at the same time and was one of the 4 trips.

About mid October, I woke up thinking my bed had malfunctioned and was vibrating. After unplugging it, I realized the vibration was my insides. Around this time, I also started experiencing insane anxiety and irrational thoughts, as well as depression.

I just had a boat load of blood work done, including full thyroid, CBC, CMP, lipid panel and a cortisol test. Still waiting for results. It feels like, in all the stress at once, my body tipped off it’s axis and won’t reset.

I’ve been prescribed 5 meds, but only agree to take 2, an anti depressant and a sleep med when I have to rest. I find that I handle it all much better when I am rested.

I changed my Dr, as I felt like the first one thought it’s all in my head. I feel crazy, but it’s from the symptoms, not vice versa.

If nothing comes of blood work, I will ask for a neurologist, but I’m very Leary of diagnosis.

For women here, I am also researching BII, breast implant illness, which has a lot of these things as well, so maybe another option.

Feel like his a lot of rambling...

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Hello Mzfrizzzle & Welcome :-)

It is really quite on here and sorry to see no one has Welcomed you , hopefully when people pop on they will :-)

I have to be honest reading everything you have been going through I would have had a nervous breakdown , what an awful lot you have been having to deal with :-o

I know you seem to be looking for answers to how you feel and it is always wise to let the Doctor check you over but it could be a case that all the pressure and anxiety is the answer and nothing else , the tests will soon let you know if this is the case

I would try and get plenty of " Me " time if you can and do some meditation , relaxation exercises and after all you have been doing for others putting " You " first now :-)

You can ramble away on here as much as you like we may not always have all the answers but always someone about to listen :-)

Take Care x

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