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My son is seeing ‘things‘


My 8 year old is seeing what he thinks are ghosts like ‘floating heads’. I don’t know what to think... An active imagination? Ghosts? A mental problem? For a long time now, years, he’s been often afraid to be in a room alone. I feel like soon I’m going to get him talking to someone like a counselor but I am afraid of what they’ll think and suggest. So for now I’m paying close attention and just listening to him. I wonder what’s going on.

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Hello again Starrlight,

It is so easy to see others through the lens of our own pain.

Once a therapist gets someone in their clutches, mental illness WILL be found. It's their thing.

A child is such a precious thing... and childhood such a short time. Perhaps you don't have to analyze this yet. Maybe you can just read a ghost story together? And talk about the story after if you like?

Then let time reveal if something is truly amiss, or if this is merely your anxiety getting the best of you.

I wish you well.

I love your response! I think you’re right! I am much less worried now. Thank you soooooo much!

No thanks necessary. I'm glad.

Well said.

Thank you.

Hey Bob! "Well said."? I think that's a British-ism... What say, old chap? Righto?

I love this site! Almost as good as a trip across the pond.

You're welcome.

I was similar to your son as a kid. I was afraid of the dark for a long time and remember having nightmares and nighttime hallucinations.

Thank you Slushy!

No problem 🙂🙂🙂

2 of my daughters claimed they saw a ghost that sat on them while they slept. I do NOT believe in them, I told them what my mom told me about a ghost called the “ Llorona “ it’s a old Spanish wiv s tale, a woman drowned her kids Jesus said she was going to Cry till she found them. She said I didn’t pray enough that if I prayed she wouldn’t come. I told my daughters the same thing to Pray more. Did hear anymore about it 🙏😷

Hello :-)

Great advise , I cannot add anything but wanted to let you know I had read your post :-)

Take Care x

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