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Bad bout


I’m going through a really bad bout of anxiety at the moment. Normally I can get it under control, but I cannot seem to shake this nervous feeling in my know the one that constantly feels like you’re going over a jump back bridge?!!

I cannot switch my brain off, going through thousands of different scenarios & conversations in my head is becoming debilitating & I can’t concentrate on anything!!

If anyone has any helpful tips or advice that would be greatly appreciate (especially in terms of the stomach problem). Thankyou.

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Hello LuaRain & Welcome :-)

It is so frightening when we are going through times when we cannot seem to gain control over our anxiety and the more we feel the fear we feed the anxiety and tat is one reason it tends to linger , if we could accept it then there is every good chance we will gain control again and these feelings will disappear , can be easier said than done though when we have got ourselves in this fearful mode

All these scenarios going around in your head I presume will be the worse scenarios you could possibly think of as again usually anxiety will produce these thoughts so it can keep a grip on us

Has anything particular triggered this of ?

Sometimes we can pin point what has and other times it can be little things that we have felt we have dealt with that we haven't and they just mount up

For me it is about changing the way I think and acceptance

So accepting that this is the way I feel but at the same time accepting that it is unpleasant and frightening but no matter what my head is saying it won't kill me

Then all these scenarios when they pop in my head telling them I am not listening because I cannot foresee the future so they are just my anxiety escalating everything to make me fear

Staying in the day is something have to do to , telling myself for today I will be positive no matter what my anxiety tries to tell me and at anyone day knowing I did my best and praising myself for doing so :-)

We are a small Community but a friendly one and weekends can be slower than week days but I hope others will come on and say Hello and maybe be able to reassure you as well as myself that you are not alone and not the only one that feels as you do , sometimes just knowing there are others out there can help even if in a small way :-)

Any time you need to talk you know where we are and you will always be welcome :-)

Take Care x

LuaRain in reply to Hidden

Thankyou so much for your reply 😊 It’s so nice to be in a place surrounded by people who know exactly how you feel & what you’re going through without being judged or told ‘oh I’m sure you’ll be fine, you’ll get over it’!

Thankyou for your kind words & for sharing with me ☺️ x

Starrlight in reply to LuaRain

Hey LuaRain! I’m sorry you are having a difficult time right now...well you may be feeling better now actually and I hope that is the case but if not maybe you could try to focus on the fact that it won’t last and that you will be stronger for getting through distracting yourself or doing something nice for you can help. I wish you well! 😊

p.s. for the stomach have you tried ginger drink? It’s helped me. Also peptobysmol could help.

LuaRain in reply to Starrlight

Thankyou 🙏🏼 I’m still working on it....I know this feeling won’t last forever & it will come & go, it’s just a part of my life now.... I have been trying to distract myself but I feel at times like this time seems to move really slowly!

Thankyou for your well wishes.... I hope you are well and happy too 😊 x

Starrlight in reply to LuaRain

Oh yeah sometimes the time seems to move really slowly yup... I keep fighting and I can’t accept the mental problems to be part of my life forever. We will heal in time, maybe even a cure for us.

I am so sorry you are struggling. When I go through the battle of my mind, I start speaking life to all those negative thoughts. I start redirecting where the conversation in my head is going. I speak the truths such as; I am able, I have worth, I can do all things through Christ whom strengthens me.

I try to not replay situations in my head and when they come, I am determined to stop them in their tracks rather than entertaining the thought and carrying it on and on. Sometimes it is a constant redirection. Literally. But over time it helps.

I also practice the deep breathing regularly, have changed my diet (gluten and dairy free as they affect me greatly) and work on the environment I am sitting in. Rather than hearing the negative, I turn on worship music and use my creative outlets.

What do you like to do for creativity/hobby?

I paint, write, sing and photography. Stepping away from the brain thoughts and going to your peaceful place and getting busy with an interest can help greatly.

I pray that you find peace and calm in your heart soon.

Best wishes!

This was lovely Thankyou!!

I try & find comfort in things like music & movies & books, but I find at times like this my mind is racing so fast that I can’t seem to slow things down to enjoy them! I’m trying to use the power of positive thinking & trying to tell myself ‘it doesn’t matter’ cause I know deep down it really doesn’t, as you would well know that is a lot easier said than done at times like this but I am working on it everyday a little!

Thankyou for taking the time out to reply to me, wishing you peace and calm also x

Hello, I'm sorry that you're feeling this way. Have you tried praying, reading the Bible, or meditation? When my thoughts race like this, I would pray and change my focus so that I'm not worked up about things that I can't change or things that aren't the truth.

Have you gotten any professional help for your stomach problems? I'm not sure what to recommend for that. But, I am praying for your total health!

LuaRain in reply to jennicole31

I have been working hard over the past few days trying to change my focus although these seems to be a tough battle for me right now, I know that things will calm down in my head eventually but it seems nearly impossible to see the light at the end right, but I know deep down it’s there and it’s coming!!

Thankyou for reaching out, I wish you nothing but well also

You're welcome. The fact that you have hope, assures me that everything is going to be okay. All you need is a mustard seed of faith to believe God for something. Surely, healing is coming! I am still praying for you.

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