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Anyone else have this experience

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I’ve had anxiety, OCD and had a hard time controlling my behavior in terms of self harm. I’ve worked with my therapist for a few years and I get these times where I’d be totally good and then next week I feel like I’m going insane or my minds about to blow up from being paranoid. There really isn’t a pattern that I’ve noticed but it happens off and on and I don’t know why. I’ve learned all the techniques and coping skills from my therapist but my thoughts just end up becoming too strong. I wish I could just stay in a constant state of being good or at least ok with maybe a few days where I’m feeling down or nervous. I don’t want this strange occurrence of being paranoid for a couple of hours, days or weeks then having a perfect happy few weeks. Does anyone else experience this?

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Hello LalaTS & Welcome :-)

I totally understand ocd and the power it has over us and I am pleased you have been getting support and learning ways to cope with all this

This is how are mind set is and how the anxiety has been controlling us for a long time so even when we are given the tools and learn how to cope these thoughts will still try and creep in that is normal as old habits will not just disappear but you do know how to stop them taking over again which you should feel proud of

Do not fear these thoughts and days where you do not feel as good , accept that this is part of getting better and the less you fear them the less importance they will have and not be as frequent :-)

Look how far you have come from where you were instead :-)

If you really feel it is getting to much talk with your Doctor or if you still have contact with your therapist mention it to them :-)

If you need to talk there is always someone about and I hope that will help even if in a small way :-)

Take Care x

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Thank you! 😊

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If you need to talk just come back on :-) x

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