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Living with Anxiety
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Amazing new find for anxiety/panic attacks

Just wanted to share something that helped me so much last night that it brought me to tears. The relief brought me to tears. I have struggled with agoraphobia, dissociation, derealization, severe long lasting panic attacks, not leaving my moms (had to move into her place at age of 24) place for 11 months, depression, you name it I've experienced it. I have also been prescribed more medications the. I feel necessary to write but just know I’m probably prescribed it or have been. I recently weaned myself off my SSRI and it’s been hard but I’m doing great. Well, not great. I take it day by day and some days are amazing, some scary, most exhausting, and I still experience panic attacks on the daily. However they are subsiding and here is what I discovered. MAGNESIUM. GO TO YOUR REGULAR DRUG STORE/PHARMACY AND INSTEAD OF RELAXING WITH LAVENDER EPSOM SALT, I highly recommend (I’ll type the version I got) “Cvs health-Epsom Salt-Magnesium Sulfate crystals with added fragrance.-calming & relaxing soak-soothing relief from over exertion & stiffness-rejuvenated and revives” along with purchasing “ cvs health Magnesium Citrate 250 mg per serving - BONE & MUSCLE HEALTH”. Both help with anxiety. Go read up on google magnesium helping with anxiety or panic attacks. It’s needed for so many functions in the body and we don’t get enough of it. That bath, first off I can’t sit in a bath for longer than it takes the water to fill up and sometimes wait until it’s all drained. I stayed in the bath for 35 minutes and put three cups of the magnesium (in the light blue bag) into it. My skin absorbed it — went into my body my cells and when I got out-first off I was so mindful which is usually so hard. I put on my lotion and didn’t rush. I stayed in the moment and was calm. My brain finally let me think each thought through. I could breathe and I felt more relief than ever. I’d write more but I have to go to the dentist. Please do yourself a favor and try magnesium citrate and magnesium Epsom salt!!! You won’t regret. Xxx


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Hello & Welcome :-)

I am pleased you have found something that works for you :-)

Magnesium is something that many have said has helped them with their anxiety , just one thing if we are on any other medications or have any other health issues it is always advised that we ask are pharmacist or Doctor if we are ok to take it as it can interfere with other medications and in some cases give can upset stomachs

I can see it has really made a difference for you with your enthusiasm in your post including the capitals to express yourself but in some cases if someone is using a devise because they cannot see if we use capitals when we write it will shout the words out at them so where we can we try and stay in lower case :-)

I hope it long continues working for you :-)

Take Care x


Yes I have heard it is good for anxiety but not tried it yet.

So pleased it has helped you and long may it last 👍


Does anyone know if magnesium oil helps the same way? Besides making me more "regular" on the toilet, I'm not sure if it helped with my anxiety. I'll try again and see if it works.

Thanks for sharing!


I have magnesium oil spray and for me it helps a littttle but unless i spray a lot which i don’t mind doing because t absorbs so quickly and effortlessly. And I’m usually really hot because of my anxiety so i don’t mind cooling down with magnesium spray at any time of the day. Also you can make it yourself with magnesium Epsom salt and water. There’s a way to do it a whole website explains it like you add a little bit and stir it and let it dissolve. If you want he quickest relief using magnesium in a transdermal sense i highly recommend the magnesium Epsom bath. Two and a half cups in warm water. It does miracles. It’s the truth. Obsessed love it. Hope that helped.

Positive vibes are being sent your way!!!



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I'll try the bath method. Thanks!

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Let me know if it helps!! I hope it does for you what it did for me!!!


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