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Anyone else have arrhythmia and tachycardia related to anxiety??

Post your comments below please because I got these two heart disorders off it

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hi, yes, i have.. at least doctors say, it is because of anxiety.. my heart is able start to race fast like 160 in rest.. i have a betablockers for this , it make the heart calm again in short time... sometime i clearly feel like the heart stops, then it is feeling like when doors shut loud..and it again starts to work and then usually come the tachycardia.. it is the most scary feeling i ever had... arrhytmia i have too.. palpitations, skip beats.. i had many ecg, xrays, blood tests, holter for 24 hours.. all always came out ok.. so my heart should be ok.. so all is probably really work of anxiety..


Thank you so so much

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