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Living with Anxiety
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The Sickness

On the days I wake up telling myself today is gonna be a good day, I feel more energetic and ready to take the day on. As soon as I eat something my anxiety flares really bad and from that point my day goes down and down with more anxiety problems which makes me dwell into my depression and my day is just horrible. This happens if I eat fast food, fruit, anything makes it bad, it doesn't make any sense. I'm kinda at the point where I don't want to eat if it means having a good day.

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Hello Ashley8992 & Welcome :-)

We are a very quite Community but I hope with people posting it will encourage people to come on and reply :-)

First it is a positive that you have days when you can wake up and have that determination that you will have a good day despite your anxiety /depression , give yourself some credit for that :-)

Sometimes when something happens once it becomes a fear , we may not always realize that is what has happened but it does and maybe after getting up one day and having had your breakfast you felt anxious and some where in your mind it registered that it must have been the breakfast that brought it on so now when you get up and eat you are expecting and waiting to start feeling anxious and when this happens it has nothing to do with eating but the mind that plays these tricks on us

Have you ever got up and thought , well I won't have breakfast , I will have a drink and leave it at that and see how I feel

I wonder if you tried this a few times if you would still feel anxious

Would be a little experiment you could try maybe ?

I know breakfast is a good start to the day but plenty of people can't eat breakfast and there is nothing that says we can't have something to eat later in the morning and if it helps to stop your day going down hill then eating later might be a good thing :-)

I hope you are getting support from your Doctor and let us know if you try missing breakfast and eating later how you get on :-)



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