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Anxiety and heart palpitations

Hello! I'm 21 years old and I'm very anxious.

I had always been an athlete until my 18 years, when after a run i felt heart palpitations. Then I stoped.

I used to be very scary when i had an extrasystole but with time i learned how to control myself beacause i had once in a while.

But now my problem is different. I'm feeling a lot of extrasystoles followed.

I feel the hart beat inside, he's slow and he's uncontrolled. I feel everything! One heart beat, a pause of 3 seconds, another heart beat, and always like this. The heart beats are strong, it's like a trembling muscle but on inside and this muscle is my heart!

When I go to the hospital my heart is already calm and the doctors never see anything...

Does anyone else feels the same?

Vanessa, from Portugal.

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Hello :-)

I know you posted a year ago and I hope things have improved for you since you did :-)

The Community has been quite but we are trying to get it more active if we can so if you still look on at any time , let us know how you are doing :-)

Take Care x


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