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Cruelty to animals China /world

I have suffered from anxiety in the past , but seemed to get better with medication ., but things set it off ! I watched a horrific video by chance on Facebook of a Chinese man torturing a live animal to death , which seems to be common practise in that country & now I am so distressed. I cannot stop thinking about it, my anxiety has come back., I have written to the Chinese embassy ., sent messages to Chinese people that sell on eBay saying I will never buy from your country again , I know this is not a normal way to react ! Am I alone in thinking this way ? I hope not the world is such a sad place., I cannot stop thinking about this video, I wish I could have done the same to him! Why am I allowing this to take hold of me! There are many cruel things in the world but cruelty to children & animals who cannot defend themselves is top of my list.,

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Sorry your post from a year ago was never answered by anyone but we are trying to make the Community more active again

I hope you are keeping as well as can be :-)

Take Care x


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