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Graduation 😐

Graduation 😐

Here I am bitching again....

But anyways. My graduation is coming up (3 DAYS!!!) and I'm scared. I know what you're probably thinking. "It's just a graduation, what is there to be scared about??"

Well you see, I get nervous for any little thing. I get very nervous when picked on in class so what makes you think that I won't be during graduation?

For the confused ones, I'm nervous of walking across the stage to receive my diploma😁. I KNOW that it'll only be like 5 seconds but UGH! I don't want to do it. There will be lots of people there and I don't want to do it. I want to go but I just don't want to walk. Me and my sister (we are graduating together) are making a plan to walk together instead of one by one. But still nervous and thats the only thing that has been on my mind for weeks.

I know that I'll be graduating again in the future so I'll have to get over it but... 😬

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Well done in passing your exams !

I understand can be a dreadful feeling when we think all eyes are on us !

You have said it will be a few seconds , other than your nearest and dearest no one may even notice you on & off the stage so quick but in our heads we think they will !

You have your Sister with you which is lovely , have you spoken to her about how you feel so she can give you as much support as possible

What I do in situations like this is focus on a song I like that I know the words to and I sing it in my head ) not out loud though I would empty the room :-D ) but it really does work , it distracts me and before I know it what ever is going of that I am dreading is done !

Come back and let us know how you got on , this is an achievement and I really do hope you find a coping mechanism and enjoy your Special Day :-)

Take Care x

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We did the graduation practice and I was nervous as hell but I still did it and walked (only in front of my class though). Thanks for the reply!


It is ok you know to be nervous , I bet there is more than you feeling that way even though they maybe better at hiding it , so on this one just go with the feeling and tell yourself it is ok :-)

It might also be mixed with a little excitement because you must be feeling pretty proud of yourself , I know I would have at your age :-) x

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