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Fear of vomiting in public

Hi, about 6 months ago i sitting in class when a wave of nausea came over me, i began too panic and quickly left. I thought nothing of it and put it down to a bug or something but the next time i was in class i started to panic again this time for no reason. Long story short these panic attacks became so bad i left school. When i left school all my panic attacks and anxiety stopped and i felt my old self again. Recently however this fear of being sick in public has came back with a vengence, i can no longer go out with friends, shopping or anything that involves no easy escape route, i even feel slightly nervous when leaving the house for a walk or something. I feel that nauseated sometimes i have to go to the nearest place to be sick but never am! I know its now time to try and treat this rather than run from it but i dont know where to start due to how disabling it is, it seems impossible:(

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Hi Dboy07. You're not the only one that has a fear of throwing up in public i have severe anxiety which causes my stomach to be upset wether I'm around anyway such as public or family i feel sick and feel like I'm going to throw up also the panic attacks with it. I can't do much because of it so i stay at home and do nothing was at college but I'm no longer at college because of it it sucks. I haven't found away of controlling and i dont think i ever will.


Hi have you asked your doc to refer you to have cognitive behaviour therapy? I am having the same as you but mine happens when I'm in a shop usually if I'm in a line or at the counter. I'm OK once I get outside for some fresh air and calm down. Just started CBT and hope it helps me. See if it helps you too.


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