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How does everyone cope with anxiety? I feel like I've hit rock bottom. Everything at the moment is causing me loads of anxiety, I can't even watch dramas on tv anymore because it sets me on edge and I can feel myself starting to panic!! It's getting silly now. How does everyone deal? Vitamins? Etc strict sleeping patterns? Also how does everyone find being on social networking like Facebook and things? Do they create more anxiety? I'd love to know how everyone copes with things because o really feel like things need to change now. I'm done with feeling sad and I just want to do what I can to make myself better. But of course without medication if possible as that makes me very anxious too!

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I was in your shoes a few weeks back and please believe that it will slowly get better. I wasn't able to leave my bedroom for a few days, and just the thought of having to get out and do the simplest tasks seemed so impossible. Like you say, even watching tv was a mental burden, but with plenty of rest, healthy eating/water, help from people on here, and then some self motivation, I pulled myself out of the big hole I was in. Each day still has highs and lows, but with small steps I'm getting there. One day at a time 2sara1. Warmest wishes. 


I feel  you. This is a really, really low time for me as well. You'll get through it, even if it doesn't feel like it, believe me!

You asked for lists on how people cope. Here's my current 'how I'm coping' list:

- daily meditation (at least 20-30 min.)

- getting at least 8 hrs. sleep a night

- daily exercise (at least 30 min. cardio, most days more)

- seeing nature as much as possible (i.e., workouts done outside when possible)

- when REALLY stressed, private journaling to get the feelings out

- daily multivitamins, supplemented w/ extra vit B complex, D, Omega-3 and magnesium

- weekly talk therapy

- a few acupuncture treatments over the past few weeks

...and mostly, just trying to be as present and in the moment as possible, because I find that things get worse and worse as my mind wanders and worries about what's 'about to happen' or 'what will happen', when in reality those are just worries and nothing I can really control.

Regarding social networking - I have found that they DEFINITELY create more stress, at least for me, so when I'm in a bit of a crisis mode like now, I tend to avoid excessive Facebook/Twitter activity, trying to focus instead on making space for my feelings and what I need in order to re-train my brain to work with, instead of against me.

Wishing you love and light, peace and progress!

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