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Scare of Gloomy Sunday Song

Hi everyone !!!

Have anyone here ever listened to Gloomy Sunday Song (Hungarian version known as Hungarian suicide song)

I thought that I'm the only one who has scared of Gloomy Sunday Song . I try to explain myself and found out more about this song including its lyrics and history even listened to this song but I can not get over this fear . I knew it's really silly that I believe its lyrics and music can make people die but it seems like a true story . Moreover, there are my people covered this song in English and Hungarian but l can't control my feeling to getting scared . I knew this song is just a sad song but i scare that can make me die like those people in that time. Sometimes when I was in happy mood and then this fear comes out again. Will I die if I still think about it ??? I wonder why other people don't scare like the way I scare ! Anyone can help me to get rid of my fear ??

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I can see you are posting the same post again ? 

You have posted this in several communities and been given the best advise and replies members have got to give , do you think it may be time to stop asking and go and seek some help , maybe some professional help as I feel we cannot help anymore on this same question and could make some feel uncomfortable that you keep doing the same post with the same subject !

Hope you get the help you need x


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