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Dizzy and weak musles

Hi Guys,

so the past two days I've been going to the gym for 30 minutes and doing 10 laps In the pool and after its made me exhausted and every bone in my body aches.

I am currently sat at work having to drink lots of water to keep me awake because my bones and muscles feel weak, and I just feel like I need to get some sleep and my vision is really fuzzy and out of focus and my neck feels really weak, does this sound like a common sigh of anxiety or something else?

thank you xo

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Hi, Do you suffer from anxiety generally? The reason I ask is because I do. Mine is related to health. I recently started the couch to 5k, I am unfit!. However what your describing is exactly what I felt after. For a few days in fact I felt really tired, dry throat and generally off key! Whilst there is an element of my body recovering from doing something different seeing as I am unfit.... I also think that there was an element of anxiety thrown in making the feeling/symptoms appear worse. The thoughts of " Is this because I went running/shuffling :) or is my heart not up to the challenge".

Needless to say that a few days after rest I felt fine and went running again and felt less 'off key' if you like.

I would say if your body needs the rest it feels then take it.


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