Chest feels tight and muscles feel weak

Hello again guys :) It seems I'm posting most days but I am still feeling strange. Chest feels tight, muscles feel weak and well I feel like rubbish. I am worried and can't see my doctor until next week so I am keeping an eye on all this rubbish. Does this happen with anxiety ?! Or is it something bad? I know I shouldn't worry but I do

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  • Hi Cardiff x

    Hey dont worry about how much you post always nice to see posts x :) Just remember to answer others to:) Just keep asking yourself are the symptoms you feel now the same as you have had before ? if the answer is yes then its most likely anxiety x :) There is a list of anxiety symptoms on one of the pinned posts have a read x Donver

  • Hi Donver. I do feel it's always been this way but at times I do over think things and then read stuff which worries me even more. I know it's nothing horrible but wow it's hard to tell brain that lol. I will look at the post about the symptoms :)

  • I can't find the post about the symptoms can you point me the right way

  • HI no probs x there you go x

  • Hi CardiffGirl,

    I would keep in eye on if it get worse see if you can be seen sooner.

    I'm currently dealing with the chest tightness that reaches the sides of my neck I've been anxious and the doctors told be that if I press hard on my chest were I have the discomfort and there is pain after I let go its most likely just muscle related pop a pain/anitinflammatory and rest if it doesn't get better his to the hospital but it always gets better before that

    Hope you have found some relief


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