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Me and My thought

Hello my name is Joshua Kaye.

I'm currently trying to recover from depression, anxiety, eating disorder and self-harm. I've recently just started up a website to try and help people suffering with any mental health problems (mainly focusing on the listed above) because I know how crap they can make you feel and how they can consume your whole life. I do various different things on the website, mainly blogs and videos.

Sorry, if anyone wants me to take this post down because it could classes as advertisement then please message me. But this is a non-profit website, I just want to try and help people.

LINK --- >

Thanks Josh :)

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Well done for taking positive action to help you with your recovery!! Good luck xx

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Very courageous video blogs, Josh - came across friendly and warm and not afraid to share your self awareness. The 'Unhelpful Thoughts' video has some very useful tips and your emphasis on challenging those thoughts. It is a battle to do that sometimes but as you say trying and failing does bring success however small that success seems at the time. Keep going.

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