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Fear of dying


Every night I'm awake till 4 in the morning because I'm scared to sleep,then the day is a living hell.checking my skin every half an hour to see if a dogey rash has appeared or a lump. I'm sick of it every single day ,spending the whole day worried that it's your last. I cry a lot too my emotions are all over the place and I get angry very easily too . Sick of living like this,sick of waking up and examining my skin,taking my temperature,constantly googling symptoms and diseases. And when I google symptoms I feel like I then get all them symptoms after I read them. I convince myself everyday I'm really ill and I just hate it. Please give me some advise ,please just tell me I'm not going crazy .

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Sorry to see you posted 2 days ago and not had a reply

You are not going crazy at all but you do have Health Anxiety and everything you are saying in your post and doing is part of Health Anxiety but it does and can get better

We have to first help ourselves a little bit and I would strongly suggest the first thing you do is stop going on Dr Google , he is not your friend :-(

When you go on there you will always find something you can relate to and then of we go we pick up on it and that has to be us , it is like this fear we have goes searching for more to make us fear even more and yes makes us feel we are going crazy at times but remember Google always throws out the worse scenario , it is not a Doctor and only your Doctor can examine you and give you a correct diagnosis which I would imagine would be you are suffering with Health Anxiety and that is the next thing you need to do go & see your Doctor even if you have been before and if you have and found the Doctor useless go and see another one in the same surgery but one that will understand and offer you some support , medication can be one way but as you have Health Anxiety you may be afraid to take medication but therapy an equally be as good if you want it to work it can do and your Doctor can refer you , by doing these two simple things you will be taking big steps in overcoming your Health Anxiety and will be well worth it :-)

If you get the urge to go on Google put an elastic band around your wrist and give it a quick ping every time you are about to do it , will remind you that it is no good for you and come on here and talk instead I am sure you will benefit a lot more by doing so :-)

Take Care x

Tashabell__ in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the advice :) x

Hello, you are not alone. I too live with a fear of dying. It's like the thoughts are always running in the background at best. I've Dr. Googled so many sleepless nights and always come to the conclusion I may have something that is life threatening. Every ache or pain or feeling I've never felt is immediately followed with anxiety and fearful, irrational thoughts which then creates a panic. There are times when I have a better grip on things but there are times when it gets the best of me. I've been through a traumatic experience which I believe triggered these thoughts. Also after having a child I believe made me nervous about things I never gave a 2nd thought to before. I agree with the other response...therapy is a huge help. I have a fear of meds and will only take a very select few. But this was after careful planning to have another adult around when I first tried it. So you are not alone if a fear of meds resides in you too. I am thinking of going to therapy again as my gears have crept back into my life and sort of taken over my rational thoughts more than I'm comfortable with. But a few years ago with the help of an anti anxiety med (xanax) and a therapist I trusted and a lot of work on myself I was able to overcome the fears. You are not alone. I know you feel ridiculous at times and even crazy. I do too. But anxiety is such an intense condition. It manifests in the worst ways. But it's real. It can be overcome though. I know you can because you want to. You just need to grab a few tools to help you and get busy getting better. I wish you well. And I'm looking forward to any other responses that may come from this.

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