Living with Anxiety

is this a brain zap or?

Ive been getting these sensations the last few days. I typically feel it most in the evenings. It even happens if I hear a loud noise and something scares me but its like a jolt inside my head/ brain. It is so extremely hard to explain. Its a similar feeling when you drift off to sleep and you twitch you know? I DO NOT take medication nor have I recently come off of any. Why am I getting this all of a sudden.. im starting to worry its caused by something other than anxiety or depression and its stressing me out so much.

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Hi, I get this almost everyday its so frustrating sometimes Im just waiting for a fright or something will happen to make me panic and then I get that jolt feeling like my brain is moving. I feel really embarrest because it always brings on a panic attack. Usually happens when im speakig with someone! X


I'm getting that too !! The brain jolts and zaps and vertigo off and on and I'm not coming off any meds. I went to the doc about it but she said it's just my anxiety


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