Is it anxiety what makes my hangovers hell

So other people suffer from abit off nausea and headaches after a night out off drinking but for me it's completely different I wake up after a night out my minds all over the place, I have jittery vision, shaky hands and have jitters all over, feel not with it and the anxiety is awful I can't live like this I'm 19 and can't enjoy going out with friends cause I'm scared off how I'm going to feel the next day, does alcohol/hangovers do same things to other people?

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  • It's definetaly the anxiety. But dehydration and what not certainly doesn't help. I just read an article on how hangovers are way worse for an anxious person. You'll have to find ways to relax and calm yourself when dealing with hangovers.

  • Definitely worse for people dealing with anxiety. I use to drink and go out alot but after I started struggling with anxiety I just stopped drinking completely as the next day would be like a death hangover. I would have faster heart beat shakky hands and body, dizzy spells and just total misery for the whole week after a drinking night. Its just not worth feeling like that so I just stopped. I understand that your young and want to enjoy yourself but your body is already telling you at such a young age its in shock so listen to it and don't make it worse in yourself. I agree aswell find different ways when you drink to make sure you don't allow your body to go into survival mode when out drinking one way after 1 beverage hydrate with 1 glass of water. I only started struggling with anxiety at 29 and that changed my life drastically and I thought my life was over at such a young age so believe me my heart goes out to you as you should be enjoying every minute of your young adult life. I pray for you.

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