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Going to bed late (3-4 am)

It seems whenever I go to bed past 1 am, I wake up the next day feeling okay for a little then within an hour or two of being up I feel really fatigued and as if I haven't slept for days. I get really focused on or less bodily functions such as breathing. It feels like my breathing is off and like I feel super weak too. Does anyone else experience this or know what it's from?

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I go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time and I've been friggen exhausted every day since not working! I swear it has to do with holidays or the time of year I've been feeling weak and depressed and blah!



I think your body has got used to going to bed at this time but your bound to feel really tired the next day. If I were you I would try to reset your body clock. Instead of going to bed at 1 am go at 12 and work back wards till a reasonable time. I used to listen to mediation music to help with sleep which you can down load and there are apps.

I think sometimes it's down to certain time of the year etc and how stressed anxious you are. But bed time should be a relaxing time so try to make it that was with bath, books, a warm drink.


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