Living with Anxiety
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New member :)

Hi I'm new here.

Just thought I should reach out to seek some advice ....

I'm currently suffering from anxiety and it only hit me hard this year. Never has it made an impact on my life like it is now... which has me home bound most days and I have a phobia of getting sick in public so I have been trying to avoid going out also. But it has been holding me back. I feel I'm losing. My boyfriend is getting upset that I don't do anything anymore. I try explaining it to him but he just doesn't understand. Ah what to do and if you go in public what are some tricks to cope? I usually carry a water bottle with me. Thank you.

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ahh sounds similar to my story. This is the worst my anxiety has ever been, I also carry a water bottle and chew gum constantly. I dunno why it helps but it does. I stopped enjoying things like resteraunts and theatres, social events cause my anxiety hits full force every time. Its hard enough to deal with on your own, but even harder when another person is involved who doesn't quite get it. The only tip I really have is just not listening to your anxiety because you cant let it win. Everything else in your life will just get harder if you do ( work etc ..) so just do these things no matter how hard. Whats the worst that can happen? Let me know how things work out for you..


Thank you! It's so hard to live with this and not live life to the fullest or at least not have to worry all the time...I never was like this! I'm trying though. One step at a time I guess. I try talking to myself and sometimes it works so I'll keep that up.


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