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Pain pain pain

Today was just one of those days intence sharp pains shooting through my body the whole day. Feels like all my muscles are tensed up, my body aches like I had a rough night of fighting. Then the sharp pain in my chest or just above my chest now that makes me usually stress out....sometimes it feels like my muscle's in my body is in fire like tonight. Made myself some calamine tee really helps with my falling asleep issues. I started drinking a mixer of lemon juice, honey and ginger love the taste and calming effect. My body is just sooooo tender tonight.

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I am in same boat, pains moves around in my body, abdominal pain to headaches...had test but came normal, trying hard to stay focus in life but can't go work or somewhere as pains crawling at me-bound to be at home!


Hi Mj

There is good days and there is really bad days but

I'm thankful for each day given to me. I have learned

To cope with most of the symptoms but it still gets to me bad on some days but know that this is not deadly or will not ever go away you just need to find that place I trust where as you pick yourself out of that state of mind to where you keep thinking I will never be the same again on I have a deadly desease that no doctor can find

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