Living with Anxiety
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Rainbow at the end of the tunnel

Is this even possible? Rainbow at the end of the tunnel! When we are in panic mode no way!!! All we see is I'm about to die, darkness, fear, dread definitely nothing pretty and pink. So how to I get to the place where there is a rainbow at the end.

Well by believing in yourself and letting yourself be okay with whatever anxiety symptoms attacks you next saying energy calk it by name. Say you experience jolting pains, muscle spasms or any physical pain call it out and give it a name you will learn to know it when it comes and not be afraid. A dairy of your daily fears and pains is such a great way of letting some type of healing come through. Go back to your entries especially days where you had very bad anxiety you will see that you were able to make it through such a bad episode and will do it again. Anxiety does NOT become you if you don't allow it.

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Well said , totally agree :-)


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