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I've been dealing with postpartum anxiety and depression. My doctor put me on Prozac I've been on it for a week now. I'm feeling as if it has made me feel worse. I try to fall sleep but I get anxiety laying in bed. Then when I do I wake up in the middle of the night with bad anxiety that makes me not want to fall back asleep. I feel like I can't breathe enough, I start shaking it's a feeling like I'm going crazy. Is this medicine making me like this has anyone experienced this as well?

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I was put on various kinds of medication. When I had my first panic attack I was given 5mg of urbenol but doc said I could use half in the morning half at night. Worked great ubtill I got pregnant my anxiety got so bad that I was admitted in hospital because of my pregnancy I wasn't allowed to take any medication for panic but the dockter put me on atterex and

Wow I felt like I had my old self back 3 months of using it while preggies suddenly atterex was not available in south - africa any longer I was so upset. I got so anxiety and physically sick because I couldn't get my medication. Was the hardest pregnancy ever. I got through my pregnancy and after delivery a week later went to the doctor he did tests again alk was well with me. So anxiety was the cause again doctor put me on yelate 30 mg must say it worked great no pains at all. Felt good just the no sex drive , loss of apetite and insomnia was not so great currently on nothing doing the selfhelp methods as well as oils and herbal stuff

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I would take st johns wort if i was you I take them and they dont work sraight away it takes time but I promise have faith they will work.Prozac is not the answer i wouldnt take them I had all those symptems but with help i have overcome it its a case of taking the wort and beleive they will work and they do throw the prozac away.

I hope that I have helped you

kind regards

Pat x


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