Living with Anxiety
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Struggling with anxiety :(

Hey everyone

In need of some advice before I drive myself insane, feel so alone right now and just feel I have no one to turn or talk to.

My anxiety is really playing up lately and it is driving me mad. It is ruining everything and I am risking losing my partner whom means everything to me and I am so scared.

Lately he seems to be so distant from me and I do not know what is wrong, he doesn’t speak to me as much, want to hug or kiss me hardly ever and is very snappy with me, last night when we were watching tv he even snapped at me for looking at him. I know he has taken on a lot of extra work in his job so I am maybe thinking he is bringing his work stress home but then I think is it me or something I have done, I have tried talking to him but he says everything is fine or when I try to talk to him about stuff he is just snappy. It is really getting me down, people have told me to give him space and he will come around but I am worrying so much that he will leave me that it is making me feel sick.

I just think to myself is this all in my head, is my anxiety causing unnecessary drama again for me, am I over reacting about things. When he doesn’t say I love you or doesn’t want to hug me is it just me over reacting straight away and thinking oh god he is going to leave me or should I really be concerned about what is going on right now.

Then I just feel so much resentment towards his job, I hate him been there, they have gave him more jobs he is going to start having to work 2 Saturdays a month and I just hate it. Feel sometimes that I am second best to the place and the people in it and I cant even tell him that cause when I do he says its his job and it has to be done so no point moaning about it, it’s a means to an end and nothing can change it, which makes me feel even more frustrated cause every time he goes out the door and is of with me and then walks in the door and is even more of with me it makes me feel really sad and I blame that place for it.

I really have no idea what to do right now, feel like I could cry at the drop of a hat, feel worn out and run down and just so anxious, I am always seeking reassurance from him cause he seems so distant so I need to keep asking him if everything is ok which probably is the wrong thing to do, am I stupid for over thinking and worrying so much. Is this all my fault am I pushing him away I don’t know 

Just need some advice on what to do in this situation, from a man’s and a woman’s point of view. What should I do, do I give him space do I ask him 101 questions to get the bottom of this or shall I just leave and do him a favour.

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I really don't feel qualified to tell you what you should do. If he's already tired and stressed from work, maybe you should try to make your time together calm and happy. Focus on him instead of all your negative thoughts. He does come home to you everyday after work. Maybe you can go for walks together. I know when I'm stressed, going for walks makes me feel better. Again, I am just making suggestions but I do hope things work out for you. Just be loving and supportive and he may feel better about telling you if there is something bothering him. It could be as simple as being overworked and just needs safe place to just relax.

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