Living with Anxiety
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Am I normal

I have had anxiety and panic for 4 yrs now I haven't been to Dr I'm always scared they will say its serious like cancer or something I always feel shaky head hurts I get confused and nervous feels like my musles dont work my heart hurts neck iscan anxiety do all this and I am scared to take meds for it I'm scared of side effects I really want to live again I don't do anything I used to love painting photography crafting I want to read books all I do is what I have to and then hide under my blankets I have two wonderful teens I want them not to worry anymore

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Read Barry mc Donahue's book called "dare" worth a read :-) from amazon

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I was unable to control my panic attacks, and spent many days under the covers. I started taking meds. The medication stopped the mind from racing so I could find do thee underlying cause of the condition. The 20mg of celexa helps me sleep, and with good nutrition, daily excersize, and meditation I am back to reading, and crafting. After three months I am beginning to feel I have my life back. xoxo


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