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Morning Anxitey

I wake up every morning with Anxitey, it's HORRIFIC I'm terifed of getting through the day, then I start thinking of the future and it's far to over whealming for me ( I'm struggling to get through the next hour ) so you can imagine how frightened I am of the future. I just don't no how long I can go on like this for, people say get up and do things take your mind off it, yes I totally agree and it does work but when you feel like I do it's so hard ( impossible ) To do things, people say don't talk about it because then your thinking about it, how do you stop thinking about it, when you feel so very alone, frightened, and TRAPPED in this ( I can't put in to words how frightened I am I'm never coming out of this ) my councillor can't believe how I'm so very hard and beat myself up with constant negative thoughts of how bad I am guilty of things Iv done and said to people that I have to forgive myself and let go, I JUST DONT KNOW HOW, I just don't know how I can get though life like this it's gone on since jaunary xxx

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Have you made a new account ?

Look how many members are on the anxiety sites all feeling or have felt like you do , so if you are all the things you think you are then would you say all the members on here are to ?

I know you would say no they are not , so what makes you different from all the other members you are suffering with anxiety to and when you are it likes to keep control of us like a big bully and feeds us with so many negative thoughts , but that is what they are thoughts that we have to try and push to one side , not easy I know but we cannot keep beating ourselves up

I think acceptance is very important , accepting you have anxiety and trying not to fight it , don't look behind and don't look forward I am sure I have said it before but stay in the day with this and I do think anything that made you feel good or that you did more than you expected to do , jot them down because our minds will cling on to all the negatives and cast out the positives and when you are feeling despair if you have jotted these few things down you can look back at them and it makes you feel even if a little bit all was not to bad as your anxiety wants you to believe

Please try & be kind to yourself :-)

Take Care x


Thank you I don't no your name sorry, so very good of you to be there for me I really appreciate it, I know what you say is exactly right, I just don't know how to do it ( it's the hardest time of my life ) I v had an awful day today and kept questing myself why I can not face or do any everyday tasks ( they terrifi me ) I know that sounds stupid but I give you my word, I remember everyday what you say " "to keep in the day " II have to as looking any further than that is just FAR to overwhelming for me, I really was bad today but I did pluck up the courage to do things I have dreaded for along time, and takes me back to bad times that I have to face to move on. Please keep intouch I need as much help as I can get right now, as you know there's very little help out there. Thank you xx


Forget to say no Iv had no joy getting back to my account, and don't want to keep this one, it's just for now, but can't get a site operater to help me xx



Keep emailing Health Unlocked eventually someone will get back to you about your account

You said you kept questioning yourself , every time you did how did that make you feel ....more anxious ?

You see if we had a broken leg and we could not climb the stairs would we question that ? nope because that is something we can see and because anxiety cannot be seen but only felt by the person suffering it is like we do not have the right not to be able to do chores we did before but the mind is not well so we should treat it just the same as say a broken leg with care :-)

But despite however bad your day has been & how bad you have felt , well done because you faced somethings you had been dreading and you did them , so you should feel good about yourself and please stop beating yourself up , it is ok to have to let some things go or struggle to do them but eventually with time everything will get back to how it was just give yourself time :-) x

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Oh bounce Iv just typed a long message to you and deleted it by mistake I hate that !! It era just to thank you very much I really needed to hear that ( I'm really struggling at the moment ) and you bring me lots of comfort and support and it means so very much to me, you. Help so very much when like now I feel so frighting, you talk great sense and make me want to carry on fighting, you say what my counsellor tells me, I beat and persecute myself when I do wrong to people ( it's always when Iv had a drink ) I don't usually drink, although I deeply apologies and the people see how bad I am and how much I suffer they forgive me ( I make myself so I'll ) I just don't know how to forgive myself everybody repeats the same thing ( God i wish I could forgive myself ) I wouldn't be ill, but this time my friend has forgiven me but her and her mum have not spoken to me since this time last year for my actions when I was drunk. ( I couldn't even tell you what happened as I was so drunk I can't rembember ) we went to a wedding the next day / after so we never talked about it then or since, I just can't get over what Iv done, ( I know I have to ) but I just don't no how, thanks so very much bounce for being there I really need you and in so very grateful xxxx


Hello again :-)

Now that is tricky if you had had a drink & don't know what you did as you cannot make amends if you don't know what you have done and reading what you have said I think true friends if asked would tell you and allow you the chance to make amends so whatever you did or may not have done do you not think your friends may take some of the blame for not telling you & allowing you to try & put it right ?

Have you thought about writing a letter to them ?

You could simply say that you just want to say you are sorry as you must have upset them deeply which is something you would never want to do but you have realized that when you have had a drink you are totally out of control which is something you are now addressing and that you hope they no the real you when you are sober would not which to cause them any pain and you apologize for any hurt you may have caused them

Now if you wrote something like that you have made amends even if you can't remember what you did you have said sorry , you could get a nice blank Sorry card and write it in and post it and then as far as any part you may have played in the reason for the silence you have put right and if they decide to ignore it or respond in a bad way then they have the problem not you & you should then let go

If you know that when you have a drink you tend to get a bit loose with what you say maybe take note if it is after one , two three or whatever and stop before you get to that stage :-)

Now put that stick down and stop beating yourself up , I think you have given yourself enough pain time to give yourself some love I think :-) x


I get that, it wakes me up at about 4am and lasts virtually all morning. I started running back in May on the c25k nhs choices programme, and now run 3 times a week, it does help, it gives me a buzz and feel more positive, but still wake early...


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