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I've had anxiety and depression for almost 3 years and I'm fed up. I have been given pills thst I don't take due to scared of side effects I have a severe phobia of vomit anyway. However after doing a lot of research I'm convinced my symptoms are due to PMDD I have more than 5 of the major symptoms 2 of which is anxiety and depression. Question is how to get a diagnosis I need answers and if it is pmdd everything would make much more sense to me. I keep being fobbed off with "it's just anxiety all my symptoms are just anxiety" I push everyone away I have no one. Periods are a mess and my panic anxiety also happens around ovulation or when my period due my headaches are terrible I've never had anything like this before. I had an abortion 3 years ago before this started and I bled for 3 months no explanation to why then this anxiety happens. Anyone else been diagnosed feel this or can advise. I'm at wit ends now and I have so much to be positive about but I can't and I can't live like this longer :(

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I have many times thought I have been fobbed of putting everything down to anxiety over the years , I have only just started to believe how many symptoms anxiety can give us or how many medical symptoms it can mimic however I also think sometimes Doctors can be quick to put everything down to anxiety and not investigate further but if you request that you would like to be tested for this as you have concerns they should not refuse to refer you , sometimes you have to be quiet firm and stick to what you want when you go & ask but if you do they usually will listen and if you really think this is what may be part of the problem I would see your Doctor and say I feel I could be suffering from this , point out the similarities and tell them you would like to be referred

I must say though when I have been searching for answers as to why I am like I am anything I look up I can relate to and have so many of the symptoms and have thought have I got that and not anxiety but I think that is when I have struggled believing that something called " anxiety " can make you feel so bad

Good luck and I really hope you can get that referral because what ever the outcome I have a feeling it will give you peace of mind :-)

Take Care x


I will tomorrow this is why i hate weekends I'm suffering and all I want it peace. I was silly and looked around for side effects people had on these pills (Citalopalm 10mg) and I wish I never looked and was strong to take them. Thank you for your response I really appreciate it



You are not silly you have anxiety and that is what we tend to do , go looking , if it is like the anxiety is a bully and if we don't feel bad enough already it will push us to do something else to make us feel worse , try now though to tell yourself you have banned yourself from Dr Google , remember Dr Google only tells us the worse scenario , and has no clue about you personally , there are also if you looked some really positive outcomes from more people than the negatives one's you have read that they have helped them so much

You could just say for today one tablet won't harm me and try and let your mind feel you are i control over the meds rather than the meds controlling you , I mean if they did give you side effects that were unbearable you are in control to stop them at any time you want ....I know people that started on the smallest does possible so they felt less side effects and then increased them as they got used to them , it worked for them it could be a thought for you and something you could also discuss with your Doctor

Good luck with the appointment let us know how you get on :-) x

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you sound like me i also have a phobia of taking new medications i have to have medicines if they do liquid forms or dissolvables i can take some tablets but only if am 100% certain il be ok with them .its called pharmaphobia i cant spell it google it its a fear of medication .i think mine boils down to my dad having taken a overdose when i was 14 then few years ago my brother died off a drugs overdose of prescription drugs and also when my dad commit suicide i was instantly put on anti depressants am 33 now and been on them on and off ever since i have had some really horrible medications made me so it that am too scared to try new ones when am ill anxious depressed or what ever the problem may be i try my best to ride the storm with out meds its a nightmare.


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