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Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone had this issues of itching between the legs? My private parts are on fire, so hot and itching now and again. I've had a look in a mirror and it looks red ( but read that's normal so don;t worry) I've made an appointment with my doctor on the 22nd of September but I am wondering what it could be? I used to wash that area with soap until someone told me to stop it and I have, could that cause this? Any ideas on stopping this?

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Possibly thrush. That would certainly make you burn and itch 'down there'. Soap, too tight underwear, dehydration, too much sugar in your wee - so many things can cause thrush.

Try and drink loads of water each day.

The chemist has Canesten cream and pills which may well clear it.


I'm glad you are seeing Dr. Only he can take tests and let you know what is wrong. He can then provide proper medication. In the meantime while waiting to see your Dr, you can take warm baths and drink. 100 percent cranberry juice. Good luck.


Saw my doctor who gave me cream for it. It's been a god send for me. I've got another blood test in the week as my salt level is high


Good news. Hope everything gets better


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