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HI My name is Abi hodgson I previously wrote the blog The secret identity of borderline personality disorder

HI My name is Abi hodgson I previously wrote the blog The secret identity of borderline personality disorder

HIDDEN ABUSE HIDDEN Hurt..Behind closed doors name is Abi hodgson And I'm a service user on section 117 Aftercare Responsibility from coventry and Warwickshire partnership trust ..I'm speaking out about PYCHOLOGICAL and emotinal abuse I have suffered and falsely accused by my social worker in Warwickshire as a racist ..She is now finally being investigated..I want to share how this has really affected me and my family..

my Husband Was arrested for being a racist back in March April time in 2013 he was arrested by Leicestershire police.

.Soon after My social worker Was contacting Leicestershire County council and Cedars centre in wigston and telling them it was me i was on policesafeguarding at that time because a few months prior to that i had been given a new care coordinator from Warwickshire I can't mention her name for legal reasons..I can remember the meeting as though it only happened yesterday I have what's called a long term photography memory in colour that means I can remember faces people places I used to be in Events That took place names of people what they said to me and what I said to them previous conversations What the building looked like inside room by room exactly.. my short term memory is poor..My dad also has the same photographic memory as me..I'm gifted in that region It's the only thing that I'm gifted with

.when I met my new social worker i can remember the car she was driving a white Vouxwagan polo ..I Was with My husband And his mum and his social worker From Nottingham city council who i had known while I was in my previous care home up in barnsley

.BUT at this meeting two police officers where present I went in my handicare ibis pink electric wheelchair as I'm physically disabled ..their where about 20 people in the room a big board room at cedars centre with a big meeting table that filled most the room going around like a square the room was At the end of the building green carpet on the floor white walls and white fire doors Hudge room..I Rember A large woman with Ash blonde hair Quite stIrn and cold looking as i usually get the impression what a person comes accross as at first meeting them..She didn't smile at me just stared at me which made me feel on edge and extremely uncomfortable..I began to feel frightened and scared for some unknown reason..We all introduced our selves...I rember her saying her name then what came out i will never forget why are u lying abi about your leg your making it up aren't u Abi..My mum in law shouted at her So did the police and my housing warden and Robs social worker told her That I had Infact got a severe injury to my leg..I was over welmed by people I knew who where siding with me ..I didn't have a electric wheelchair for no reason . I Showed her my leg and my husband showed her photos of my leg she couldn't miss it she stormed out I ended up having a melt down as i had always had melt downs all my life. Pulling at my own hair screaming rocking head banging..The police said She had been Unjustified with what she said thry put me on police safeguarding for my own protection having Leicestershire police on my side and working with me really helped me..I had one police safeguarding Person A police Sergant based at wigston police station in Leicestershire he was brilliant I got really attached He Helped me and stood up for me against my incompetent bully of a care coordinator based at St marys lodge CMHT Leamington Spa Warwickshire..You see lying to a police officer doesn't go down well especially when it's a mental health social worker that is lying to the police and she got found out..when My husband was arrested for being a racist my nasty evil social worker told Leicestershire County council is was me..How i found out was I met The Leicestershire Senior AMPH in Costas in wigston with My husband who had seen his Probation officer And we met in wigston At Costas ..the AMPH said to me ive heard from your care coordinator you recently have been arrested for being a racist I broke down in tears as she said this in front of customers in the middle of a buisy coffee shop in wigston ..My husband asked her if ABIS care coordinator has told you this why don't you hear it from abis police safeguarding team first He phoned my police safeguarding police Sergant up who told her to get herself down the police station He told her the claims where false and she can't go around falsely accusing someone of having a criminaloffence when it's not even true He said if ABIS social worker is saying these things perhaps I really need to speak to her directly He said It was my husband thry had arrested and not me he warned my social worker she could land herself in serious trouble if she continued with this false allegations bit she ignored the police and carried on with her abusive slander..I have a mild learning disability at that time I had a diagnosis of borderline personality But it was my police safeguarding Person That actually recognised I may have been misdiagnosed with a personality disorder as his daughter had autism and he suspected I may have the same condition he talked to my dad about my photographic memory and he was astounded that i had Infact got a photographic memory amongst sensitive to light Loud Noise Talked in a loud voice so thry say ..Like blue cars love smartphones and Collect them don't like change. DON'T UNDERSTAND JOKES IF SOMEONE SAYS THRY ARE COMING AROUND AT 2PM AND THRY DONT COME AT THAT TIME I HAVE A MELT DOWN. the police person got me a refferal to autism pathway my friend took me down To it ..I went for two assessment' S I was formerly Rediagnosed with autism spectrum disorder low functioning moderate to severe ..WAS TOLD I HAD BEEN MISDIAGNOSED WITH BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDERS AND PREVIOUS TO THAT SCHIZOPHRENIA .. I also have a rare genetic Chromosone disorder called triple xxx Syndrome 47 dyslexia and Dysprrexia and Fusion of the left tibbular Having had three major operations on my leg and foot in south yourkshire..I'm also epileptic.I was Falsely branded a racist only by my social worker and no one else .leicestershire police where the best I voted them the best safeguarding police force ..I recently Reported my social worker to the fitness to practice board thry have been invested and our still seven months on under investigation..This has ruined my life VUNERSBLE adults like me our falsely accused my social workers each and every year thry think thry are above the law and can get away with it even Nottingham city council my husbands social workers have made official complaints to Warwickshire County council how this false accusation has been carrying on..TO MANY service users our falsely accused by social workers in health and social care..It's Left Detrimental And Life changing suffering and upset and had a devastating affect on my life..Being falsely branded a racist by anyone Can really Hurt that person ..She ruined my life..I will one day take legal action against That social worker after the investigation by HCPC finishes ..I will then take her to court ..It's not about the money it's about i don't want what happened to me happening to anyone else in the same situation as me...Care in the community failed me wrong type of diagnosis misdiagnosed with borderline personality disorders Rediagnosed with autism spectrum disorder..far to many VUNERSBLE peoole are bullied in social care by social care staff who is our voice for the vunersble Service users need to speak out To the public on social media as Failings are still happening in social care In the community not just in residential care Ddolmicary care isn't for everyone we where had carers accuse us of not looking like we had a learning disability yet future home care work with adults with learning disabilities and yet we had both got learning disabilities we never had this in our care home in barnsley staff never said any of this in previous placements only in Leicestershire in the community is suffered abuse in Leicestershire in the community not just from Warwickshire County council adult social care But also in the out of area community care services in Leicestershire funded by Warwickshire and My husbands Authorities Nottingham..Leicestershire I didn't choose to move to I have no family or property friends in Leicestershire in My husbands court case we told both of us where failed by care in the community..Which is standing up for service users like us..Far to many Failings are still happening in caregards in the community..More Service users need speak out till government changes are made we all need are voices to be heard. CARE failings happen in community care too government needs to open their eyes .. Autism Is a hidden disability you don't have to look austic to be autistic ..Just because i can email doesn't mean I can cope independently .I Can't cook or do house work Because I'm disabled In Mental health hospitals often rehab wasn't learning to cook and no skills Before u move into to the community ..Many adults like me are dropped into the community with no thought or consideration to out needs. often misdiagnosed and then we as service users are critised if the placement breaks down It's never the placing authorities fault it's always The service users fault and Misdiagnosing service users is that our fault we where misdiagnosed too I think not..wrong diagnosis Is wrong support and wrong treatment Plan and most likely Wrong care clustering. ..out of area placements Before thry go wrong Social worker,s need to look into the History of people thry are dealing with find out from our families are difficulties what We used to live in what we find difficult what type of thing or placement would help..I was previously in residential care and also in sharedlives formally known as Adult placement when I told that Warwickshire mental health social worker About sharedlives she told my husband it was for kids..Little did she know sharedlives is for adults with learning disabilities mental health ex offenders and autism and physical disability..I'm still waiting for my care assessment and a new social worker I am waiting a referal to sharedlives in south yourkshire..But How many more Service users have had bad care in the community and Unlawful social worker's my social worker i had was abusive bully who falsely accussed me of Being a arrested for being a racist And Found out I hadn't got a criminal record Leicestershire police found out to prove to her her claims where Infact untrue..Everyone who spoke to her said she was rude and obnoxious bully..Stand up for service users ..Abuse happens even by mental health teams

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I am sorry you have been through such an awful time

Have you looked on All the communities on Health Unlocked ?

As well as the Anxiety sites you may find some other sites on here that could give you support with your Health problems as well , worth having a look at them :-)

Take Care x

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thankyou bounce for your reply that means a lot. kind regards from abi😊

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