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Living with Anxiety
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Lightheadedness and a weak feeling body

I have suffered from anxiety my whole life , I am 18 and just had a baby 6 months ago . Recently I have been feeling lightheaded like I need to eat something but really I don't because I just ate , I do have BP problems but they are under control and I don't think that's it because I just had an appointment a few days ago and it was fine . I feel like this about all morning and it goes away during the afternoon . I constantly wake up wondering if im going to feel this way again and it always happens :(

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Hey Kpayne225, sorry you're not feeling well! Have you been feeling more anxious lately? Sometimes anxiety can cause dizziness. Caffeine and lack of sleep can also cause it. Something else that comes to mind is anemia. Not saying you're definitely anemic, but something I would definitely check in with your doctor about if it's persistent. Hope you feel better soon!


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