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Feeling a little scared AND caffine


I think it’s when I have too much caffine that I become afraid in a general sense. Like something bad is about to happen or something is wrong presently but nothing specific, just a feeling. I’m staying away from it now. Just wondering if anyone has had that fear feeling after having too much caffine.

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Hi Starrlight,

Having seen some of your posts & Knowing you’re spiritual person, I’m curious, what has been your experience after praying to God about these feelings you get? Not necessarily asking Him to take them away but praying for more understanding about what/who they’re about & praying that yourself & others could be protected from whatever those bad things might be?

Hi! You know praying didn’t cross my mind. I thank you for the reminder. 😊 You know I am curious what the feelings are about. Hoping I’ll figure it out.

I believe you will. One thing I often let others know as a Life Coach who does Spiritual Enrichment Coaching, is we don’t have to figure everything out alone. God loves for us to come to Him about what we’re not sure about. For anything we don’t understand, James 1:5 says “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.”

Also, I might have mentioned this before too; that many, such as yourself may not understand how gifted you are. Some gifts seem quite scary when you aren’t familiar with how they manifest in your life. I pray The Lord will open the eyes of your heart to the understanding of how He has planned to work through you.

💕 thank you 💕

You’re very welcome.😊


Yes. I looked it up and I read it kicks in the fight or flight response.


Hello Starrlight :-)

Caffeine is a stimulant and for some people just drinking one cup can trigger them of and yes if you are one of those people that it does not suite it can and will make you anxious , so I think it sounds like you know it has this affect on you so staying away from it for you would possibly be for the best :-)

Your anxiety however will want to tell you something different maybe but you know that is how it tries to keep control over you , so try not to listen to it :-)

Have a few glasses of water and it will soon be out your system :-)

Hope you relax and manage to enjoy the rest of your evening :-)

Take Care x

Hey Star I actually had my last cup this morning. I decided since I have anxiety, the caffeine probably doesn’t help and might even worsen it. I’m going to switch to tea.

Hope it goes well for you, MariaLove! 😊

Thanks Star! I actually ordered vitacups. They taste like coffee but have vitamins. I really like them!

Yes I think so, I try and stay away from it, but I think you are a bit spiritual like me, so we can also pick up on others stuff too, I think you are amazing, so stay off it see if anytihing alters xxxx

I think YOU are amazing


Let us know how you get on and whether you were right. It would be quite interesting. I've had several people saying how much better they were sleeping in the recent abnormally hot weather; drinking water instead of tea or coffee.

Starrlight in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your reply. I’ll let you know how today goes without caffine.


Caffeine makes my anxiety worse. Yet, I keep drinking it because I feel like I need it for my job. I have to wake up really early and have to talk to people on the phones, which I hate.

Hi Starrlight

I havent had caffeine since the first panic attack that I had 15 years ago. If I have any I get pins and needles and loose the pattern of my breathing and it can send me off into an awful anxious state.

The doctor told me to stay away from caffeine, salt and sugar. The caffeine I do but salt and sugar I do have but I just try to no my limits.

I hope the feelings you’ve been getting will stop if you decide to give the caffeine a miss :)

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