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Today feeling.really bad as if im going off my head have that weird feeling as if im.not breathing right doc has me on.citrol.I don't know. If it's side effects but sitting at home just keep crying my eldest daughter crying with me don't know what to do she said ma you get through it don't know whether to call the docs can someone please guide me

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Sorry to see you posted 14 days ago and no reply

How are you feeling now ?

I hope you did phone the Doctors and got an appointment as that is what I would have suggested had I seen your post earlier

Sounds like you have a very caring & supportive Daughter :-)

If you post again and after say a day you don't get any replies , try re posting again because it can sometimes get lost among the newer posts and that way you can sometimes find you might get some one to say hello :-)

Take Care x


Hi bounce just seen your post now went docs andvexplained the way I feel he told me therescnothing more they can do to up my dose on citrol to 20 then to 30 couldn't bear that just have to keep telling myself it's in my head and try fight it as much as I can woke up this morning ear totally deaf freaking out can feel panic coming on but not going to let thanks for reply it's nice to c one person cares



Well they didn't sound very helpful !

Sorry you may have said but are you having any therapy or have you been referred to a Mental Health Team ....any good Doctor would do both of these things and if not I would think about seeing another Doctor in the same surgery but one that might be a bit more understanding of Mental Health Issues

If you look your Doctors surgery up on Google ( but don't look up any illnesses :-/ ) It usually tells you how your surgery is performing regards care to patients which sometimes can be an interesting read as well as listing the Doctors in your surgery and what they are interested in the most for example some will be interested in Physical well been or sports injuries but you usually get one that will say they are interested in Mental Health , if you could find any of this information it may help you to decide if there is another Doctor at your surgery that will be better for your needs

Don't worry about the ear , will be a little congestion , maybe a cold coming on but nothing life threatening that is your anxiety talking if those thoughts come to mind , it is how it tries to keep control over us , so tell it you are not listening , you are having today of :-/

I hope you find the strength and don't give up on getting the help & support you deserve :-) x


Hi they finally rang today and told me to opt in for counciling. And she'd send a referral letter hope this does me some good as she seeing the state I was in all she could say please start eating as I lost a lot of weight thanks for your support and help maybe one day it will just go away for now il just keep buzy thanks again


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