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I have just about reached the end of my fraying rope. I am so tired of feeling this way!! I can't do anything without consulting my anxiety. I am trying to book our honeymoon and there are things that we both want to do that I know I can't because of my panic disorder. Everyday living is hard too. I would just like one day where I didn't feel like I was crawling out of my skin. I know I should stay positive, but today is a very bad day. I'm fearful that I'll soon lose my job. I'm having issues with driving again. Help!

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Have you got married yet or are you booking the Honeymoon for when you do ?

Either way Congratulations :-)

A wedding , a honeymoon is a stressful time for most people that have to organize this

How is your OH at helping you with this or have you friends & family you can ask to share with advise as well as helping you rather than taking it all on your own shoulders

Love your description of how you say you feel you cannot do anything without consulting your anxiety , made me smile as I could relate so much , but you know what I think we forget that actually we can tell the anxiety that we are in charge & not it & we can let it no because of this we will not be consulting it as the more we do the more power it has over us ...takes some practice to let this bully no we are not allowing it to bully us anymore but can be done with practice

Times like this we really need to stop in the day , when we feel like things " may " happen we just send ourselves crazy , maybe we may loose our job , maybe this & that but all these " maybe's" may never happen and if they do we will deal with them when & if we have to

Could be an idea to start making some lists of what you need to do within anyone day and I say " need " rather than what you want to do or what your anxiety is telling you should do as our anxiety always says we should do more than we can manage because that way again it stays in control

Set yourself manageable goals for each day , leaving you some time within that day so you can have sometime for you and where ever you go on your honeymoon and if it does not turn out the dream or perfection you may be feeling it should be one thing it will have is two people that love each other so much they have made a commitment and because of that it will be perfect :-)

Take Care x


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