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Living with Anxiety
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Please help-health or anxiety,ocd,hypochondriac

I have a lot going on in my life right now, on top of already being an anxious person and becoming a hypochondriac. These are the symptoms I have been experiencing the last few days: Headache(very dull and not constant), pressure in neck and back of head, pressure in temple area(right side) blurry vision, unsteady, dizziness, constant fear, tingling in feet and hands sometimes, numbness in right side of face(comes and goes). I am so worried that something is wrong with me from the lumbar puncture I got or/but I can't determine wether I am causing this myself because of my mental issues. I just need help. Maybe some advice. I have an appt in 2 weeks to be put on medication and I have an appt on Friday to speak to my therapist but I feel like I need some thing more in regards to therapy. I also have work on Wed and I am not sure how I am going to go given that I have been having a hard time leaving home. So any info or insight would be helpful!

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Hi. I've had similar symptoms due to anxiety. I'm pretty sure they stem from tension (back, shoulders and neck), probably jaw, too. I was reading, just last week, about tension in scalp area, which can come from tension in the face and jaw region. It's all connected. Causes dizziness, too. What is beginning to work for me is accepting that the cause is tension/anxiety and having an awareness of the tension and letting it go - throught out the day, and losing the fear. When I am focussing on tasks and 'forget about the symptoms, they lessen. This is hard to get past when you are worried about the symptoms being something else, but it does seem to work.


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