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Lump in chest and throat

Hi has anyone ever experienced this?

I had a particularly bad/sad/stressful couple of days at the end of last week. During Saturday I felt like a had something stuck in my throat which kind of got bigger if that makes sense?

I kept drinking water thinking my tablet was stuck but it just got worse. It was there for most of Saturday but had more or less gone by the evening.

Is this anxiety related at all does anyone know? It was scary :-(

Thank you


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It's a very common anxiety symptom and one I've had many times. There is a medical name for it which I forget!

Of course I'm not a doctor and can only comment on my experience.


Thanks Bramwell that's helpful to know. I've not experienced it before but was very strange. Even weirder as my situation had calmed down too but I suppose was just the aftermath.

Thanks again x


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